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July, 23 2011 - Courage Classic Keeps on Keepin' on!

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The tough riders crossing the finish line From left, Sean Simmons, Ryan Simmons, Dave Scott From left, Bill Mell, Todd Popp, Matthew Hanks Jawe and Neal Sliker
From left, Mike Starkey, Kathy Hilt From left, Lacy Graham, Tyler Brown From left, Kelly Keesee, Kathleen Cline, Sarabeth Jones, Anthony Patinella The grounds were full of bikes
From left, Geary Dvorak, Greg Harms The big tents protected the finishers from the rain. A big spread of food for the hard work on the road From left, Terry Treece and Judy Sawitsky
A big spread of food for the hard work on the road Riders refuel after the grueling ride The t-shirts were well designed Many tandem riders did the entire 157 miles
The finish line as the riders saw it. Riders approach the finish line From left, Gwen, Doug and Dave Ginley From left, Dave Breitenfeld and Elizabeth Rosenblum
From left, Pam Duemig, Eunice Doctor, Susan McNeil From left, Evonne Pierce, Kaitlin Weaver, Marjorie DeRock, Phil Courtney, Pat DeRock Many generous volunteers helped with the event Tom and Darcey Kennedy
Some fans made big signs Huddies Buddies Huddies Buddies was one of the largest teams. The excitement was high when team Courage approached the finish
Nothing can stop Team Courage From left, Emma Garrison and Alli Gerkman Some of team Courage even rode tandem bikes Team Courage was full of truly determined riders.
Team Courage was very excited to cross the finish Team Courage made it across the finish just before it started to rain. The event was full of emotion More riders of Team Courage
This young man rode a hand bike the whole way! Team Courage was full of riders with true determination Team Courage crossing the finish Team Courage
Team Ellie crossing the Finish From left, Ben Bernier and Caleb Dettmann Linda and James Mills From left, Amy Cimbura, Cindy Somers, Jean McCalmont
From left, Diane Schaefer, Kate Starick      
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