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August, 20 2011 - Kempe's "Salt on the Rim" a Festive and Flavorful Fundraiser

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Co-chair Gregory Sargowicki (left), Kempe Foundation President/CEO Pat Peterson and co-chair Lawrence French Salt on the Rim co-chairs (l to r): Paul Heitzenrater, John Farnam, Lawrence French and Gregory Sargowicki Joy and Bill Roberts Mrs. Colorado, Janell Ames, with Sharon Schonhaut
On the patio (front, l to r): Jan Thurn and Cheryl Arnold, and Rebecca Smith Salt on the Rim's co-chairs with Mrs. Colorado (l to r): Paul Heitzenrater, John Farnam, Janell Ames, Lawrence French and Gregory Sargowicki Committee member Terri Fisher (left), with Tracie Sheppard, Kempe Foundation's VP of Development Committee member Miriam Abreu (left) and Barbara Robb
Colorful table decor included tasty edible arrangements. John and Dana Berry Tables displayed "virtual pinata swing" prizes. (l to r): Ben Irvin, Errol Manalang, co-chair John Farnam and Jack Thompson
Catching up on the patio (l to r): Suanne Dell, Sheryl Anderson, Ashley Irlando, Michelle Spickard and Brenda Stewart Ryta and Steve Sondergard, with Marsha Temple (right) Gil and Jan Hammond (left) chat with Glory Weisberg Gwen Marlow and Steven Morrow
Enjoying the sunshine (l to r): Board member Bruce Fowler, Heather Fowler, and Jennifer and Michael Blackburn George Johnson (left), with board members Walt Imhoff and Gail Johnson (l to r): co-chair Lawrence French, committee member Carol Core and co-chair Gregory Sargowicki Kempe Foundation President/CEO Pat Peterson, with new Kempe Center Director Dr. Des Runyan
Salt on the Rim featured a gorgeous alfresco setting. Molly Greenblatt and Chris Welch, with Leigh McMahon (back) Front, l to r: Gil Hammond, and Adrienne and Jack Fitzgibbons, with Max and Dianne Bartlett Keri Christensen (left), with Craig and Layne Fleishman
Jeff Wuczynski (left) and Michael Scanlon pour a signature Lime margarita for Dianne Bartlett Mezcal reps Rob Dozy (left) and Roberto Eiaz Vuka reps Ryan Fugate and Claire Crawford Committee members (l to r): Terri Fisher, Nancy Koontz and Carol Core
Soul School rocked the house throughout the evening. Ed and Gayle Novak The crew from Brio Tuscan Grill served up delicious dishes. Checking out the pinata prizes: Alexia Bregman (left) and Emily Conklin
Kim Pierpoint (left) and Gene Liffick, Kempe Foundation's director of operations (l to r): Mike Meisinger, Mary Mosher and Jody Alioto Rebecca and Brian Koenigberg Committee member and Kempe Foundation's communications and marketing manager Sanya Andersen-Vie, and Steve Harrell, director of corporate sponsorship
Sue Kardon (left) and Shelly St. John (l to r): Ron Kyhl, Megan Rusk, Sadie Hicks and Michael Ryekema (l to r): Jon and Teri Kruljac, Martin Lohmann and Victoria Lewis (l to r): Joe Vaspi, Shanna Trenda, board member Patrice Gendelman and Jim Gendelman, and Cheryl Goral
Kathy Arent (left) and Alice Lin From Chinook Tavern: Brittany Sellan and Clemens Georg (l to r): Dr. Michael Schaffer, Kristina and Jay Davidson, and Lyn Schaffer Jennifer Nicholas enjoys the lights of Denver from the patio.
Volunteers Morgan Weiner (left) and Sheri Knox Bobby and Wendy Sherman Dr. Michael Schaffer and Louise Richardson Ice cream on the patio is a refreshing way to end the evening for David Lee.
Christine and Mitch Powers Chelsea (left), Randy and Hannah Ohlson enjoy a gorgeous Colorado evening on the patio. Happy partygoers (l to r): Past chair and 2011 committee member Virginia Bray, Layne Fleishman, Jeffrey and Karen Pearl, and Patrick Fitzgerald Pamela Orth (left) and Diane Baklaich
Celebrating a fun and festive event (l to r): Pamela Orth, Terri Fisher, Paul Esserman, Mallory Watson and Diane Baklaich Youssef and Paul Esserman, of Zink Soul School had 'em up and dancing all night long.  
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