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August, 27 2011 - Tennis With the Stars Shines Again

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Eileen and Colby Fox watch the tennis matches. Jamil Dillon (left) with Stephen Nolen Jonathan Hastey and Ali Lockwood Mark Ginkel (left), Vasilisa Bardina, and Troy Lowrie
Mark Medina and Marsha Kitch Karen Anderson (left), Andy Nemechek, Katherine Nemechek, and Anne Slocomb Chris Minihan (left), Nick Kolomitz, and Grant Alfred Carlo Kriekels and Janelle Wald. Carlo is the Executive Director of the YESS Institute
Joanna Peebles and Corinne Griffin Anika and Alana Groom Kevin Kalkus (left), Mark Kalkus and Jay Cleary Camille Smith (left) and Ruthanne Blair
Refreshments by Orchid Liqueurs Cathy Vitarelli (left), Jill Maxwell and Kurt Schlegel. The BEST from SVGD Jim Beimford's Orchid Liqueurs sponsored the beverages Loan Vo and Kenton Kuhn are co-founders of the tournament
David and Jean Veltri Jim Beimford serving up cool drinks on a hot day Carlo Kriekels and Loan Vo Clint Rasti (left), Regan Byrd and Carlo Kriekels
Cathy Kerkhove (left) and Donna Lollar Jamil Dillon on the court Chris Manihan in action Ali Lockwood with a strong serve
Volunteers Rachelle Minney, Katie Keller and Liz Stevens District attorney Mitch Morrisey with Tate and Jake Schroeder Lisa Schaefer and Fritz Garger of the Colorado Youth Tennis Foundation Trophies for the champions
Ryan Tuchscherer (left), Jeff Salzanstein, and Andy Zodin Vasilisa Vardina and Jeff Salzenstein Jeff Salzenstein, Elliot Teltscher and Mitch Morrisey Anne Slocomb (left), with Dawn and Catherine Nemechek
Chris Alfred (left), Johnathan Stark,Karen Anderson, Andy Zodin and Mitch Morrisey Andy Zodin wearing a birthday cone given to him by Karen Anderson Karen Anderson (left), Andy Zodin and Loan Vo Andy Zodin (left), Vasilisa Vardina, Loan Vo and event sponsor Troy Lowrie of the Lowrie Foundation
Mike Medina (left), Troy Lowrie, Vasilisa Vardina, and Mark Ginkel The winners of the tournament were Ferad Harbaugh, Will Gold, Dave Ellis, Dave Veltri and Ben Antonsen Jeff Salzenstein (left) serves the ball at 142 mph. Jonathan Stark is a two-time Grand Slam champion.  
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