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September, 10 2011 - Children's Gala: Caring and Curing

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Jennifer Motz, special events coordinator (left), with intern McKinsie Barnes Early arrivals (l to r): Steering committee chairs Rick and Janie Stoddard, Molly Broeren and corporate committee member Bill Mosher Gorgeous floral arrangements by Bouquets were striking, autumn-inspired works of art. Artistic table decor was an impressive sight in the Centennial Ballroom at the Hyatt.
Almost 1,400 stylish table settings created an impressive scene in the Centennial Ballroom. PJ Kennedy with Children's board chair and steering committee member Kelly Kennedy Gravity-defying aerial bartenders poured individual glasses of champagne. Charley and Jessica Whitt
Members of the Helppies enjoy pre-dinner festivities. An aerial bartender serves up...make that "down"...a glass of champagne during the cocktail reception. Patti and Charles Ott An elegant table awaits the guests' arrival.
Founder and CEO of The Starlight Experience, Valerie Romanoff Gala co-chair Carol Solich (left), with steering committee co-chair Janie Stoddard The Solich family (l to r): Carol, Brooke, George and Jordan 2011 Children's Gala co-chairs Carol and George Solich
Kathy and John Shaw (left), with Elizabeth and Marc Parker Katie and Charlie Alexander (left), with Verna and Bill Pauls Coline Bechu (left), Nicole Isenberg and Kyle Waldrop (l to r): Molly Broeren, Children's Foundation board member Mary Osborne and Cary Larger
Rachella and Michael Seeley (left), with Crystal Sullings (l to r): Tom and Shelly Reed, Brandon and Charity Aslin, and Tom and Jill Melton Tim and Suchada Broeren Simon O'Mahony (left), Christie Isenberg and Dave Sevick
Christy Lang and Steve Niparko Brock Herzberg (left), Janice Sinden and David Sloan Jeanne and Dick Saunders (l to r): John Schliep, Tony Troxell, Julia Finley and Janine Costantini
Patte Kearney and Harlan Schillinger Mary Elliman (left), William Matthews and Laura Barton (l to r): Jennifer Jones, Chally Weiner and Jen Darlin Sam Simpson with one of the agile aerial bartenders
Tim and Terri Evans Hyatt Regency chefs preside over the cocktail reception buffet. Dr. Pam Wilson and Brandon Stratton Nicholas Owens (front), with Sherwood and Marianne Owens (back, left), and Linda Powers
(l to r): Diane Harris, Carolyn and Mike Asher, and Bud Harris Steering committee member Shelley Sloan (left), Paul Stillwell and Anne Schuster (l to r): Sue Peterson, Andrew Clark, George and Christina Caulkins, and Mike and Julie Bock Paul Esserman and Keri Christensen
Tammy and Steve Fitzgerald At the pre-dinner reception (l to r): Paul Powers, Mary Louise Lee, John Shaw and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Charleen Dowdell (left), with Charles Lamb and Marie Sherick Dick and Children's Hospital board chair Cathey Finlon (left), with Sarah and Chris Hunt
Errol and Judith Bader Communications Manager Monique Bronner (left), with Andrea Caruso, community fundraising coordinator Children's Foundation president and CEO Steve Winesett (left), with Kip and Robin Storey Margie and Dave Hunter
John Grier (left), with Elizabeth and Lee Johnston (l to r): Elizabeth Johnston, Bridget Grier and Diana Mead MJ Powers (left), with Stephanie and Michael Kelly Jack Finlaw and Karen Brody
Paul Larger and Micah Dhondt Michael Huss and Jen Kammerer Jeanne McCurdy (left) and Cathy Pickup (l to r): Todd Walker, Shawn Kennedy, PJ Kennedy and Baret Walker
Candles added an simple, elegant touch to striking table decor. Todd and Natalie Papazian Jamie and Derek Reichel (l to r): Jamie and Marc Diamant, Trina and Dan Jablonsky, and Zhonette and Greg Brown
Gabriela and Bill Vidal Children's ambassadors presented gift to co-chairs George and Carol Solich (center). Dennis Regan took the stage for an entertaining set before brother Brian Regan. From David Letterman's show to the Hyatt Regency, nationally recognized comedian Regan wows the crowd.
Brian Regan combines "I can relate" humor with grand gestures. The crowd of nearly 1,400 guests view a live-auction video preview. Starlight Experience singers and musicians burst on the stage with talent and energy. Starlight Experience had the crowd up and dancing in no time.
Adam and Ali Ternan Grant and PK Anderson Jenny and David Aregood (left), with Heather Donalson Rob and Molly Cohen (left), with Mary Beth and Carl Gieser
(l to r): Mark and Cari Spiecker, Mark and Monique Twite, Richard Ing and Lisa Lipscomb Rudi and Caryn Scheidt (left), with Debbie and Children's Hospital President and CEO Jim Shmerling (l to r): Ann Stern, Jason Maples, Bryan Stern and Jodi Maples (l to r): Jane McDonald, Ann Durham, Heather Benes and steering committee member Amy Fisher
John and Beth Bettridge Cary Larger (left), with Paul and Julie Headley Mark Corbett and Annie Cordova David and Jennifer Hill
David and Susan Goodson (left), with Kelly Abrams Chuck and Ellen Servetar (left), with Sara and Michael Clark Jill and Ted Nelson Adrienne Ruston Fitzgibbons and Jack Fitzgibbons (left), with Craig and Layne Fleishman
Dr. David and Teresa Hayutin (left), with Brian and Sandy Sundine John and Michelle Odorisio Kelly Dugan (left) and Jane Buckley Eunice Kim and Conor McCallin
(l to r): Bouquets owner BJ Dyer, Alex Christianian and Wes Cowen      
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