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September, 22 2011 - Mental Health America of Colorado Presents Tribute 2011

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Past board member Richard Eveleigh, left, Amanda Stettenbenz and Tim Webb with MHAC Mary Canty Merrill and board member Herbert Merrill II, EdD One of the tempting arrays in the silent auction, comprised of board members and supporters raiding their wine cellars Honoree Moses Brewer, left, Brendan Cook and event co-chair Brian Cook
Diane and Jerry Wheeler Volunteers help at check-in Denise and Jerry Verbeck Mary Shatzer, left, and Deb Kearnes chat with Brian Cook and Moses Brewer
Mike and Carol Kucera Ed George and his sister Sandy Rinehart Former Senator and now with MHAC, Moe Keller chats with former Secretary of State Bernie Buescher Mary Baca, left, Don Mares, Bert and Dyana Furmansky (board members) and Dr. Patricia Baca
John and Diana Harris, left, with Rosa Ramos and Sheena Sanders Ann and James Lebeck David Driscoll, left, board member Jane Tidball JD, board member Evan Silverman, Moe Keller, Christina Zee and Marilyn Spinner Bianca Mikahn and Jenny Hockenberry with MHAC, left, with board member Marty Waters and Jim Strong
Don and Mina Soltz, left, with Debbie Strong Board members Steve Hart, left, and Katherine Kust Esq. with MHAC President and CEO Don Mares Brad and Deb Kupfer, left, with Paulette Newberry and Travis Kupfer Craig and Kathy Wood
Pam and Sam DeAngelis, left, Tom and Karen Rose, Julie Rose and Justin DeSantis Gary Sims and Bryn Harris Bob Toevs, left, Lee and Shannon Carter and Cody Belzley Bill and Tamara Hughes
Board member Tom Barrett PhD, left, with Don Rohner and former director of MHAC (and now world class traveler) Jeanne Rohner Alana Smart, left, chats with board member Louise Boris Brian and Patti Hickey Richard Peplin and Elissa Stein
Steve and Suzanne Goodspeed Sarah Schnabel(auction committee), left, and Lark Katchur Rick and Margaret Garbe (honorary board member) Ruth and Don Mares, left, with Mark Yonkman and Indira Lanig MD
Kay Burke, left, Terri Lantz and Caroline Davis Jason Richter, left, with Evelyn and Ken Krause MD (board member) James and Kathryn Kaiser, left, with Melvin Bush Rory Grant, left, Mike Guthrie and Edna Chang-Grant
Odell and Glenda Barry, left, with Al Cooper Dr. and Mrs. Wirecki Debra Duke, left, Margie Gart, board member Annie Wohlgenant and Brooke Gordon Nancy Koontz, left, with Rory Grant and Edna Chang-Grant
Rob and Renee Crosby Dr. Robert and Dr. Georgianna Contigugilia Kaye Wilson Tate and Brent Turner Georgia and Chester Harland (brother of honoree Gwen Brewer)
Andrew Czopek and Gay Cook George DelGrosso, left, with Matt Vogl and Dr. Robert Bremer Patti Hickey, left, with Stephan Ghadaifchian, Judy and Abe Schopen The Wheeler Boys: Jerry Wheeler, left, and Jim Wheeler
Barbara and Ed Dwight Craig and Nicole Harrison, left, with Jesus Salazar and Kaylee Moore Cody Belzley, left, Tony and Melissa Ryan, Tammy and Skeeter Westerberg Mark Groshek, left, Dr. Carol Clark, Dr. Tom Barrett, Courtney Mitchell and Sarah Welton
John and Marcia Mueller, left, with Dan and Teri Lutz Elyssa Hammerman, left, Tanya Slovin, Greg and Rachael Carrico Board member Brent Spurr and Robyn Spurr Paul Bodek and Linda Schlegel, both of Vectra Bank
Rich Duncan, left, and Bill Milnor Joyce Robinson of Elegant Catering Designs, left, Andre Isler and Sylvia Cordy, back in Denver after being in DC for 14 years. Les and Marianne Franklin, left, Gwen Brewer and Nelson Ball Bob Maulitz and Debby Altman
Gwen Brewer's sister, Jackie Coffey, left, with Elenora Browner-Crichlow Rep. Mark Ferrandino, left, Greg Wertsch and Gayle Berry David Condon, left, John Cook and Keith Trammell Ruth and Don Mares, left, congratulate honorees Gwen and Moses Brewer
Chester and Hiroko Harland, very proud of their daughter Gwen Brewer, with Gwen and Moses Brewer Chester and Hiroko Harland, seated with their daughters Jackie Coffey and Gwen Brewer The beautiful award presented to the honorees Dr. Robert Maulitz, left, board member Dr. Stuart Kassan, Gail Kassan, Kay Ferry and Dr. Richard Duke
Emcee Gloria Neal kept things hoppin' Gloria Neal on stage Auction chair Ryta Sondergard and her husband Steve Wil Alston of Mayor Hancock's staff delivered the proclamation that September 22 was "Mental Health America of Colorado Day."
Gloria Neal and Wil Alston word-sparring on stage Wil Alston brings Mayor Michael Hancock's best wishes David London, left, chats with Carol and Dr. Howard Boigon Moses Brewer greets Steve Edmonds
Board Chair Seth Belzley Esq welcomes everyone Seth Belzley makes a point President and CEO Don Mares says a few words Don Mares thanks supporters
Don Mares and Seth Belzley on stage Debbie Stafford was a great auctioneer Debbie Stafford making a point Debbie Stafford brings up Don Mares and his musical trio
Don Mares, left, his brother Adolph and Marty Kinfield comprise a musical trio--their musical program at the buyer's dinner or fundraiser was offered and matched as a live auction item Don and Adolph Mares and Marty Kinfield--they find the time to excel at music along with a long list of successful career attributes Moe Keller brings up the New Belgium Brewery special edition bike offered for auction Event Chairs Brian and Helene Cook say a few words
Don Mares watches as chairs Brian and Helene Cook pay tribute to their friends, the Brewers Event Chairs Brian and Helene Cook Gwen Brewer talks about why she is involved in mental health advocacy, as husband Moses, Don Mares and the Cooks look on Moses Brewer reacts to something his wife has said
Gwen Brewer is passionate about education and support for children and young adults Gwen Brewer humbly thanks everyone for the honor Honorees Gwen and Moses Brewer, left, MHAC President and CEO Don Mares and Event Chairs Brian and Helene Cook  
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