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October, 19 2011 - Aurora Mental Health Center 'Living Life to the Fullest'

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'Making Memories That Last a Lifetime Excite Me' by Isabella Ello The evening featured artwork from area school children. There were pieces which featured photography, drawing, and painting. Mandi Quinn, 1st prize winner, with her painting, 'Through the Inspiration of Others I Am Inspired'
AJ Heiser with wife, Janelle, one of the art teachers Pat Cox and Kelsey Villalvazo enjoying the artwork Artist Lauren Graff (center), with grandparents Shirley and Swede Graff Lauren Graff, with her painting 'Rise and Shine'
Beryl Allee, Jacob Meacham and Melissa Meacham Artist Siaosi Vakafuhu (center), with Seto and Fane Mesake Sasha Nield, with dad Andrew Jacob Fedora, Jennifer Fedora and Carla Harlan all smiles at the art show
Deborah Ciaglia-Denardo, Gianna Ciaglia, Anthony Ciaglia, Ellen Denarda and Don Denardo sitting down to dinner AUMHC CEO/Executive Director Randy Stith with June Sturm-Roller Sarah and Ally Hays having fun at the art show Danny and Kyna Abalos, with artist Luka Terry
Isabella Ello with her painting Saera Chung smiles in front of her art Eddie, Corinne, Molly and Mandi Quinn enjoy a family moment Prize winner Maddison Driggs, with family members Michelle, Heath and Meghan Driggs
Art teacher Jenna Cronk (right) with Luke Nikitun Rick Hanson and Deputy Director of Adult Services Mike Kucera Jacob Miratsky, Chris Rogers and Michelle Miratsky enjoying dinner Justin, Westin, Baylie, Shawn, Korbin, Karlie, and Kraig Voorhies enjoy a family moment
Therese Parente, with Serenna, Tristan and Bree Faison and Dos Torrez Darren Smith, Sarah Smith, Taylor Menard, Jerry Menard and Courtney Smith enjoy dinner Kathy Nelson with Ken and Lindsay Broermann Gryphon Price with Tage and Angelique Flodstrom
Karen Manzanares with Ana Brown-Cohen, Rebecca Warren and Mary Ann Waugh Kristy K (front left), with Laira Edwards, Paige Smith and Cole McKinney Marla Dameron serves up a delicious fountain from Sir Chocolate Reynaldo, Marisela and Jacquelyn Hernandez enjoy the art show
Budding artist Madison Leeper shows off her painting There were a number of different media presented at the show An example of the colorful works on display A beautiful painting at the art show
Sarah Jarrett, CEO/Executive Director Randy Stith, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates, Heather Jackson and Barb Cleland Melanie Olson and Sarah Parker enjoying the show Suzi Scherzer with Intern of the Year Claire Hebenstreit Board President Larry Davila, in a serious moment, addresses the artists
Larry Davila announces the first winner Nancy Shields of Citywide Banks presents the awards Award winner Kayin Scott with his painting Baylie Voorhies shows off her work
Baylie Voorhies, with her painting 'Helping People' Soaosi Vakafuhu with his award-winning work Sergio Delgado teaches us 'Anyone Can Draw' Maddison Driggs with her series of framed photos
Kristy K with her award-winning work Beryl Allee holds her painting 'Playing Through the Storm' High School first prize winner Mandi Quinn with 'Through the Inspiration of Others We Are Inspired' Award-winning art teachers Laura Edwards, Melissa Sheets and Jenna Cronk
Beryl Allee, Mandi Quinn, Laura Edwards, Melissa Sheets and Jenna Cronk accept awards Saera Chung shows off her Director's Choice award-winning painting Lauren Graff with her painting Isabella Ello with 'Making Memories That Last a Lifetime Excite Me'
Cassandra Sprowls holds her award-winning work Dezriana Hernandez with her painting Arielle Swanagon and her beautiful work Luka Terry with his artwork
Sue Reikofski, with Intern of the Year Claire Hebenstreit Sue Reikofski presents an award Ron Williams accepts the Administrative Staff award Laura Rossmassler, award winner for Clinical Adult Services
Trina Mauchmar, Clinical Family Services Karen Levine receives the award for Manager of the Year Kathy Snell, of Aurora Youth Options, addresses the crowd Board President Larry Davila salutes outgoing board members Suzann Reikofski and Sue Spiller
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