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November, 03 2011 - Let Your Voice Be Heard at The Women's Foundation

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The Colorado Convention Center Big Blue Bear looking in Becky Garry, left, with Lucinda Connelly Rachel Shaver, left, with Heather Nanstiel
Edie Cheng, left, with Carol Fabbri Students from the Girls Athletic Leadership School Ashleigh Payne-Snyder, left, with Carol Brackman Front left, Cindy Gillespie, Beverly Freedman, Lindsey Phelps, Kalisa Casseday and Sam Trenka, back left, Katy Brant, Julie Buckles, Michelle Bowman, Linda Casey and Adrienne Finch
Angela Della Salle, left, with Barbara Bridges Warren Hanks, left with Helen Hanks and Randy Ohlson Smita Merchant, left, with Kelly Fahey, Mari Marsico and Anna Reed Ann Stolfa, left, with Joni Edwards
Ruth Rohs, left, with Theresa Thrailkill and Marcia Benshoof Gala White, left, with Jan Williams, Ellyn Geisel and Wynona Sullivan Beth Bryant, left, with Jan Carroll Abigail Yapor, left, with Vivian Leon, Sue Takaki, Lin Chang, Reiko Clark and Diane Porter
Linda Goto, left with Randy Ohlson, Stacy Ohlsson, Mike Imhoff, Betsy Hogan and Walt Imhoff Michele Bainbridge, left, with Rose Fullerton Lori Frisher, left, with Rebecca Lawence-Hegner Monisha Merchant, left, with Kathleen Alt, Josie Heath, Danielle Foss, Shannon Golden-Shubert and Blair McNea
Lois Paul, left, with Kathleen Perry Carly Mulhern, left, with Tami Frazzini, Laura Oliver, Melissa Cruz, Kathryn Staples and Kerri Norris Jane Trautman, left, with Pam Peppard and Tanya Atagi Julie Falletta, left, with Matina Lang, Debbie Joesndale and Deanna Robinson
Louise Keach, left, with Margie Hilvitz Jennifer Grootens, left, with Karen Hasse, Paula Coulter and Cindy Reynolds Martina Navratilova, second from the left, posing with some of her many fans Nicelle Downing, left, with Janet Adams, Reginald Washington, Faye Washington and Eula Adams
Music by Pam Rowen, left and Jodie Woodward Marta Burton and Company, a group specially formed for this event Marta Burton and Company Karen Leigh from CBS4 greets the guests
Karen Leigh Event co-chairs Natalie Rekstad-Lynn, left, Cindy Barsons and Barbara Bridges Natalie Rekstad-Lynn, left, with Barbara Bridges and Cindy Parsons John Ikard of FirstBank talks to the crowd
Governor Hickenlooper talks about the importance of girls in science and math careers Governor Hickenlooper discusses the importance of women in politics Louise Atkinson, Women's Foundation of Colorado president and CEO, talks to the crowd Louise Atkinson introduces various award winners
Mary Lou Makepeace tells the crowd that the Gay and Lesbian Fund will match attendee's donations Natalie Rekstad-Lynn introduces Martina Navratilova Martina Navratilova addresses the crowd of 2000 Martina talks about her life
Martina shares a laugh Martina inspires the crowd A crowd of 2,000 listens to Martina speak The crowd is inspired
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