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November, 15 2011 - Adoption Exchange Fantasy Ball

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Table set and ready for dinner Linda Bassin with Bob White Shirley Plaatjes, left, with Denise O'Brien Bill Soldin, left, with Marj Soldin, Tappy Scanlan and Mike Scanlan
Ellen Walbert, left, with George Perlstein, Mary Perlstein and David Walbert Bob West, left, with Tiffany West and David Kiker Ali and Jim Harwood Barry and Kim Brown
Giana and Ryan Cowles Raymond Kelley and Joanne Bircher Craig and Beverly Carlson Paul Rumler, left, with Cyndi Lyden, Susan Larkin, Tom Larkin, Patti Hughes and John Hughes
Kathy and Steve Beabout Britlani Alford and Spncer Zappolo Jodie Gruben, left, with Edward Gruben, Joyce Lottner and Alan Lottner Denae Arnold, left with Mary Cresswell, George Cresswell and Carolyn Cresswell
Laurens Devries with Valerie van de Flier Hanna Shaner, left, with Mark Shaner, Jocey Kraus and Jeff Kraus Kerry and Amy Smeester with Bella Jim and Katie Turner
Bev Scott with David Fletcher Kristin Richardson, left, with Sallie Grewe Matt Reynolds with Melissa Stevens Artist Malcolm Farley paints a portrait of Bode Miller
Mike and Candy Goins Andrea Li, jewelry maker and Kris Collins Dino Chronopoulos and Michelle McLeod Edie Marks, left, with Lyn Schaffer, Nancy Haven, Lark Katchur
Jesse Schroffel, left, with Quinn Washington Jesse Perlstein with Janet Perlstein, winner of the Wednesday's Child Award winner Leslie and Ricki Illes, patron guests Max Key and Courtney Dahlberg
Mark and Michelle Cannon with Carrie Busch Dave Wedmore with Kiki Cannon Ed Greene and Brooke Wagner of CBS4 Ed addressing the guests
Brooke giving an auction update Ed looks as as artist Malcolm Farley hugs Brooke Brooke listens to Malcolm Brooke watches Ed speak
Soar, the foster-adopted youth and adult choir Malcolm continues his painting Ray Nutt, chairman of the Adoption Exchange Board of Directors Julie and Steve Pata
Dixie van de Flier, Adoption Exchange Executive Director Janet Perlstein addresses the audience Janet thanks her law firm The Kerin family
Cody talks about his family Brad McNealy, sponsorship chair Guests enjoy dinner Adam Kevil, auctioneer
The large crowd listens to the speakers Adam works in the crowd    
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