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April, 24 2012 - BBB Torch Awards for Business Ethics

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The Stampede, the official drumline of the Denver Broncos Jeff Nuttall, left, with Ty Notestine Embassy Suites Conference Center Carrie Rossman chats with guests
Desiree Luca, left, Camille Wilson and Myrna Davis Lindsay Gilliland, left, with Brett Sanchez, Monica Peremba and Kristen Tatti A crowd gathers outside the ballroom Hayley Beard, left, with Betty Seay
Brett Coan, left, Fred Otis, Reid Hollander, Dan Jones, Jennifer Peters and Brett Payton Bonnie and Norm Dean Rex and Vickie Lewis, left with Bill and Kellie Joe Van Houten, Sandy and John Ripsam Jim Creal, left, with Pat Hays, Pat McGuire and Robin Sims
Bill and Marg Frank left with Janice and Leroy Leavitt Joan Smith, left Robert Sandau and Brett Brunner Gordon Crow, left with Karen Robillard, Greg Smith, Dan White and Rick Melone Megan Varoz, left, Matt Varoz, Jeff Blackwell, Sarah Arnold, Brandon Glazier and Leslie Taylor
Ty and Stacey Miller, left with Rex and Pam King Bree and Richard Pearson Howard Wiggert, left with Marla and Carl Maxey Chris Semmers, left, with Tad Borrett, Mark Polk and Mark Schleiger
Stu MacMillan, left, Howard Wiggert, Mary McCambridge, Calie Pierce, Mike Pierce Betty Seay, left, Brian Schiller, Bob Brown, Sandy Brown and Linda Sorensen Doug and Linda Richarz, left with, Michelle and Bill Izzi Front Range ballroom
BBB Torch Awards created by Lynxwiler Art & Design Table settings Damian Schlereth, with Myrna Davis, Desiree Luca and Carrie Rossman Kyle Inouye directs the event
Pam King, President and CEO Better Business Bureau The audience applauds Torch Award winners Jeff Nuttall talks about Torch Award winners Jeff Nuttall and Ty Notestine thank Sue Wood
Sue Wood receives a BBB plaque and gavel Sue Wood listens to the applause of the crowd The Stampede returns to the stage The Stampede fires up the crowd
Ty talks about scholarship criteria Ty watches as Judy Boggs congratulates Amanda Richter scholarship winner Ty and Judy listen as Amanda thanks the BBB Ty congratulates scholarship winner Hayley Beard
Ty and Mary watch as Hayley talks about the BBB values Hayley thanks the BBB    
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