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April, 10 2012 - Penny Parker teams up with Denver Chefs to Create an Evening to Remember

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Restaurant co-owner and gracious host, Diane Coohill, Sarah Brown of Semple Brown design and Leila Schwyhart, lead architect for the Coohill restaurant Awesome pink gift bags! From left, Jenny Julka, Jennifer Henry, and Megan Becher Sal Siraguse and Mary Grice
Both the kitchen and the dining room were packed, but for different reasons. It was amazing to watch the speed they were able to get the food prepared for such high end cuisine. Champagne was in high demand. Deb More and Bob Scott
From left, Joe Clemens and Jeremy Kosler From left, Tonya Ewers, Sarah Ellis, Dana Berry of the Four Seasons Steak in spoons? Now that is decadence. Carrie Wernecke and Chad Karst
The preparation was flawless. So small but so delicious Todd Lindeman and Kim Cato Dave Sigley and Lisa Hartman
From left, Gregory Sargowicki and Lawrence French of Lifestyle Catering Gregory Sargowicki and Michelle Martinez Live music filled the room From left, Jen Houseman, Rebecca Bleile, Rachel Moore
Realtor Dee Chirafisi and Jim Theye Little spoons full of delights Jeri Allsup and Garth Tait The event attendees could not get enough
Chris and Larry Katzenmeyer Joe Antosiak and Rebecca Baures Kate Waggoner and Joe Glasman The sun kept the patio warm into the evening
Hardly moving room, the event was so popular Leila Schwyhait and Scott Kinsey From left, Guenther Vogt and Jim Theye The silent auction was full of great items.
Susan and Alec Fournier Angela Cheeseboro and Kelvin Doyle From left, Jim Smith, Penny Parker and Charlie Walling From left, Steve Rosdal, Jourdan Block and Peter Kudla
Many great items to choose from in the auction From left, Jeromy Krug and Michael Ditch Wathcing the kitchen work was part of the delight The dining room was full of life
From left, Julie Vlier and Ronda Sandquist From left, Rebecca Baures, Lawrence French, Joe Antosiak, and Gregory Sargowicki Blacktie chief Kenton Kuhn and wife Nancy Hopper The dining rooms had an excellent ambiance for the evening.
The servers diligently made their way around the crowded restaurant. Lynn and Steve Jeffers The kitchen staff worked in the intensely busy kitchen to get everything out on time. From left, Aura Arenson, John Levy, Leslie Levy, Edward Arenson
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