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April, 19 2012 - Cherry Creek School District Exceptional Volunteer Award Dinner

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Carla Krebs (left) and Julie Smith from Arrowhead Elementary walk the red carpet to receive their awards Sally Robinson (left) with Janice Ingram and Darryl Ingram Neliza Kriedemann from Aspen Crossing Elementary was honored for her work helping out in the classroom, particularly helping with the chore of sharpening pencils Ann Moore from Buffalo Trail Elementary comes up to the stage to be awarded for her volunteer work
Sam and Amy Carroll Miriam Lay from Canyon Creek Elementary walks the red carpet Bernadette Kingsland was the Exceptional Volunteer from the Challenge School Gloria Wheeler from Cherokee Trail High School was honored for her work organizing after prom parties
Karen Secor was the Exceptional Volunteer honored by Cherry Creek Academy Toni and Jaime Samudio Lisa Chaiken from Cherry Creek High School poses with her award Honey Beggins walks the red carpet to receive her award
Lori Guthrie from Cimarron Elementary comes up to the stage to receive her award Rachel Petrie from Cottonwood Elementary walked the red carpet with her children, Zachary and Zoe Ellen Pesavento from Coyote Hills Elementary Sarah Klingler from Creekside Elementary was honored for her volunteer work
Pamela Chandanai from Dakota Valley Elementary Janice Ingram from Dry Creek Elementary is welcomed onto the stage by committee member Cindy Yallop Jackie Muhlithaler receives her award from Eaglecrest High School Dolly Lager was recognized as an exceptional volunteer and 'grandmother' at Eastridge Elementary
Aurora Stein from Falcon Creek Middle School walked the red carpet with her children, Brandon and Madison Sydney Alie from Fox Hollow Elementary walks the red carpet holding her flower Mary Ann Moultrie makes a stylish walk down the red carpet to receive her award from Fox Ridge Middle School Jill Seagren from Grandview High School shows off her award, with children Megan and Ben by her side
Julie Harris from Heritage Elementary waves to her table as she walks the carpet Honoree Dorcas Hunsucker with her children Charlie and Elizabeth, and Kelly O'Brien from Mission Viejo Elementary Tracie Slater is honored by High Plains Elementary Misty Howell from Highline Community Elementary walks the red carpet with her daughter, Adrienne
Amy Carroll enjoys her chance to wave from the red carpet Joni Ann Morella from Homestead Elementary walks up to receive her award Tiana Claypool and daughter Isabel go up to the stage Awardee Kate Miller from Indian Ridge Elementary stands on the stage with Cindy Yallop
Kim Dyer from Laredo Middle School shows her award on stage with Board of Education member Jim O'Brien and committee member Cindy Yallop Mariellen Guerra is honored by the Legislative Network for her volunteer work Kelly Bates from Liberty Middle School walks the red carpet with her son Sangita Patel (left) with Lisa Felts, Mary Palumbo and Angie Stohl
Wilson Croom from Meadow Point Elementary was honored with an award Dorcas Hunsucker from Mission Viejo Elementary walks the red carpet with children Charlie and Elizabeth Karen Snyder was the Exceptional Volunteer from Overland High School Carol Bryan from Peakview Elementary talks with Cindy Yallop
Jennifer Anderson from Pine Ridge Elementary had some fun walking the red carpet to receive her award Jennifer McMeekin received her award for being an Exceptional Volunteer Pam Kleinheksel (left) with Carla Krebs, Julie Smith and Jen Carey Honoree Jaime Samudio from Prairie Middle School makes his walk down the red carpet memorable
Tanya Muniz from Red Hawk Ridge Elementary Mary Ann Mares was the Exceptional Volunteer from Rolling Hills Elementary Christina dePalma-Vega was honored from Sagebrush Elementary Marion Kunkel was the honoree from Sky Vista Middle School
Jean Solis from Smoky Hill High School walks up to receive her award Dan and Donna Carney were honored for their work at Summit Elementary Katie Douglas walks the red carpet to be honored for her volunteer work at Sunrise Elementary Joanna and Marc Saunders were the honorees from Thunder Ridge Middle School
Doreen Stokes from Timberline Elementary walks up to receive her award, preceded by her son Cody, who really seemed to enjoy getting to walk the red carpet! Elizabeth Dominguez from Village East Elementary poses on the stage with her son Elizabeth Atwell receives her award from Superintendent Mary Chesney Anita Corwin was honored by West Middle School
Heidi and Eric Parish walk the red carpet to receive their award from Willow Creek Elementary Superintendent Mary Chesney,along with Wendy DeBell (left) and Board of Education Members Jennifer Churchfield, Dave Willman, Claudine McDonald, Randy Perlis and Jim O'Brien gave a round of applause to all Exceptional Volunteers Tessa Tarr (far left) with Marnie Bachman, Julie Harris, John Castellano, Nicole Ray and Heidi Harden Jen Winsor, Lynn Havens, Marie Bacon and Elizabeth Sloan
Darin Carney (left) with Kyle and Jennifer Anderson and Brenda Ramthun Chris Toliver (left) with Kriss Baerwald, Kim Freed, Leah Dea, Ann Becker, Christina dePalma-Vega and Dr. William Dixon Pat White (left) with Lori and Steve Guthrie Terri Brass (left) with Gloria Johnson, Barbara and Wilson Croom and Betty Price
Adam Slater (left) with Christy Heimbrock (back), Tracey Slater, Lisa Bray, Pat Marden, Jeanne Cremer, Lisa Maroney and Lisa Morris Laura Terrell (left) with Sara Winkler and Stephanie Trumpp Michelle Salazar (left) with Lavonne Daniels, Sarah Klingler and Sandy Steele Mike Chipman (left) with Molly Drvenkar and Scott Schleich
Kandy Cassaday with Elliot Asp, Assistant Superintendent Wendy DeBell (left) with Mary Anne Moultrie Kathleen Marvin (left) with Joni Ann Morella and Kim Kenyon Leah Camper (left), with Sheila Bengtson and Bridget Lovett
The ballroom at the Hyatt was festively decorated in the garden theme of the event Honey Beggins (left) with Allison Dodge Flowering plants adorned each table, and were gifted to volunteer awardees at the end of the evening Amy Melcher (left) and Lynn Sheffield
Members of the Board of Education: Claudine McDonald (left) and Jennifer Churchfield (right) with committee member Diem Sellers Awardees walked the red carpet to accept their awards Introductory remarks were given by committee member Mari Ann Imhoff The ballroom was decorated with hand-made paper flowers in colorful pots, and each awardee was given a flower to carry down the red carpet
Superintendent Mary Chesney welcomed guests Emmett Cruson and Christine Blair Wendy Debell, a volunteer in the Cherry Creek School District for many years, introduced the Exceptional Volunteer Award which bears her name  
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