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April, 30 2012 - Aurora Mental Health Center Annual Spring Luncheon featuring the Water Coolers

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Heather Jackson with Tim Huffman Red Lion Hotel was the site of the 8th annual Spring benefit luncheon Ed Greene, CBS4 News, was the emcee. Rosalie White, left, with Kat Torres, board member
Kat Torres with Ed Greene and Rosalie White Petet Cukale, left, with Rachel Nunez, Mark Stephenson and Kathy Zinter Jennifer White, left, Kevin Diederichs and Michelle Miller Rudy Lie, left, with Chris Wanifuchi and Larry Davila
Peter Cukale, left, with Debbie Grace, Randy Stith and Ruth Lie Steve Hogan, Mayor of Aurora, left, Rick Hanson and Randy Stith Steve Hogan with Cindy Bohl and Randy Stith Steve Hogan with Randy Stith, Rachel Nunez and Ed Greene
Eugene Medina, left, with Jacqueline Gonzales and David Anglo Sasha Brauen, left, with Elizabeth Erickson Tom Padilla, left, with, Kristin Skeen, Bobbi Duran, Alex Nelson and Tim Riedel Diana Whye, left, with Harrison Cochran, Josh Gold, Bradley Jacobson and Regina Edmondson
Kathie Snell, left with Nancy O'Shields Nancy O'Shields with Barbara Cleland Maura Koch, left, with Karen Pennington Crowd waiting to enter the ballroom
Center information Debbie Stafford talks to attendees Iced tea ready to go The Arapahoe Room
Attendees enjoying grilled pesto chicken Rachel Nunez welcomes everyone Ed Greene, emcee Randy Stith, executive director
Rachel Nunez thanks the Gay and Lesbian Fund for their matching donations Chad Miller with his Canadian money Table captains collect donations The crowd continues to give
The Water Coolers The keyboard player The woes of working women The woes of economy class travel
Enjoying the show Tom Flanagan and Steve Hogan onstage with the Water Coolers Learning about teamwork Testing their knowledge of Colorado
More fun on stage Demonstrating rhythm Rousing finale Woes of fundraising
IT (information technology) Cowboy Scrolling on the touchscreen, to the tune of "Proud Mary" Ed Greene thanks everyone for attending Cindy Bohl with Terry Campbell Caron
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