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May, 03 2012 - Hats Galore at Seawell Ballroom for Hattitude

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Women with Hattitude on the Marquee of the Seawell Ballroom Bard Parks, left, with Claudia Miller and Kristen Brown Dr. Darlene Sampson, left, with Kim Martin and Mitzi Broadnax Georgia Akey, left, with Carole Meade
Beverly Bently, left, with Janet White Kathy Discoe, left, with Lynn Hardcastle, Elizabeth Randall, Carol Rinehart, and Julie Koeplin Felisha Scott, left, with Shantell Greer Sarah Sena, left, with Maria Kunz and Carol McTavish
Cathy Clifton, left, with Lorraine Salazar Jackie Rotole, left, with Susan Stiff Evelinda Urman, left, with Irene Zimmer Fiona Baldwin, left, with Valerie Alford
Michele Romeo, left, with Amanda Brown Dr. Darlene Sampson, left, with Martha Harris and Mitzi Broadnax Patty Mercado, left, with Debbie Suss Stephanie Lenfest, left, with Nancy Nicholas, Angie Vossler, and Jennifer Nicholas
Lourdes Garcia, left, with Sonia Flores, Jessika Aerni, Angela Thorpe, and Sarah Laforest Dorothy Scarsella, left, with Sharon Cooper and Diana Bartlett Jill Behr, left, with Jackie Rotole, Stephanie Odak and Susan Stiff Alice Foster, left, with Nancy Borden
Kelly Ford addresses the audience Kelly Ford, from Kentucky, knows her hats Lois Paul, left, with Alison Tomlinson A sea of hats greets First Lady of Colorado Mary Louise Lee
Layne Fleishman, left, with Angela Lieurance and Sharon Magness Blake Lisza Gulyas, left, with Louise Richardson Denise Snyder, left, with Juanita Chacon Irene Burkes
Rory Grant, left with Edna Chang-Grant Terri Fisher & Denise Bellucci with friends Gregory Sargowicki and Gayle Novak Sandra Roberts, left, with Alicia Harvey, Jada Roberts and Honi Alexander
Terri Fisher, left, with Dan Hanley and Stephanie Odak Alice Foster, left, with Denise Bellucci, Gayle Novak, Denise Snyder and Jill Behr Cheryl Hargrow, left, with Glynis Albright Stephanie Lenfest, left, with Angie Vossler, Erin McGinn, Stephanie Riggs, Dana Berry, Jolinda Cohavi, Roxanne Heimlich, Kerstin Barron and Kate Kelly
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