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May, 11 2012 - Uplifting Awards Ceremony with ADMHN

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Auction items from The Watering Can Project Scott Thoemke, Executive Director and CEO, and Carla Vellos, ADMHN board of directors Susan Andracki, left, with Penny Bacon Jacy Conradt and Mark Sanders
Laurie Elliott, left, with Barb Becker, PhD. Joan Facchinello, left, with Merilyn Handley Felicia Sabartinelli-Abeyta, left, with Carolyn Moershel Zoey Shaw, left, with Chenice Mason, Sunshine Cross and Sally Scott
Mike Gross and Kim Laga Tom Sandler, left, with Alison Sandler, Anita Brown, Gina Moore, and Wayne Barnard Diane Benero, left, with Suzi Johnston Maria Herrriges and Nathan Wagner
Julia Field, left, with Velami Maher Christine Carter, left, with Tonier Neen Cain Senator Linda Newell, left, with Scott Thoemke, and Terri Hurst Sheila Brockmeier, left, with Radhika Anand
Jack Hilbert and Nancy Jackson Kristen Trontner, left, with Beth Jones Beth Lazzelle Haven, left, with Ashleigh Phillips Terri Shelelfontiuk and Ray Young
Heather Jackson and Stephan Ghadaifchian Carol Villa, left, with June McWilliams Sharon Perry, left, with Nancy O'Shields The Watering Can Project
Rebecca Newman, left, with Beth Martinez Peter Moore, left, with Dorris Riogoni and Jerry Peters Yvonne Goldtrap, left, with Alisia Blankenship Vienna Grant, left, with Jacqueline Wahl
Debbie Stafford, left, with Terry Campbell and Cindy Bohl April Zesbaugh, 850 KOA, address the crowd April Zesbaugh introduces Scott Thoemke Scott Thoemke, Executive Director and CEO of ADMHN
Scott Thoemke, left, with Senator Linda Newell and April Zesbaugh April Zesbaugh, left, with John Vellos and Scott Thoemke Todd Helvig, PhD, president of the board of directors, ADMHN  
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