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May, 18 2012 - Stout Street Foundation Benefit Golf Tournament and Silent Auction

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Tom Knight, CEO & President, Stout Street Foundation Pamela Fisher, program director and Teri Smith, director of development Green Valley Ranch Golf Club sculpture garden honoring golfers Timothy Korte, left, Dr Ken Wilson, Charlie Jones and Mike Harden
Richard Vincent, left, Larry Vincent, Haven Moses and Ron Vincent Chris Cramer, left, Sean Ford, Rick Teter, Brian McBrown Beverage girl, Kendall Autry Hole #3, nice shot!
Darcy Narans, left, Annette and Justin Narans and Steven Newton Tad Weisser, Derek and Gary Hurelle Chuck Saunier, left, Derek Aragon, Dino Martinez, Evan Christ Chris Medina, left, Brad Lucero, Dustin McVicker and Jason Amos
Up close and personal Casey B, left, William R, Alvino S and Derek Espinosa Troy Eggers, left, Steve Morwood, Brent Ebbs and Bernie Eggers Scott Ache, left, Brad Clingman, Matt Ward and Buck Barclay
David Pocs, left, Jason Levesque, John Frahzman and Brett Steinbar Dale Algrin and Andrew Debaise David Pocs awaiting tee time John Bohan and Joe Fartsch
Guy Pachaco, left, Nicholas Petrucelli, Joe Petrucelli and Casey Williams Dispersing drinks, Melissa Berry Christopher Conway and Niki Worthan Josh Surher and Scott Ammon
Wesley Hooks, left, Kendall Johnson, JJ Zepp and Paul Sponsel Landon Richmond and Christopher McClain Tom and Hank Dowd No it's not Steward....
Love those socks! Brett Greene, left, Brian Eck, Frank Robinson and Scott Flannagan Dave Schmidt, left, Fred Longmore, Levi Longmore and Frank Palmer Green at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club
Susan Horton and Jay Smartz Ed Hein and Greg Johnson Donald Sapp and Casey Staley Cory Lambert and Mike Conroy
Eli Cooke and Kenneth Cooke Brad Hazzard, left, Bruce Borgmann, Rodney Bellendir and Kevin Seggelke Rudy Lippert, left, Eriks Lindemanis, Eriks Lindemanis (father/son) and Pat Zapolsky Tom Cummings, left, Shannon Jones, Blake Zimmerman and Greg Pond
Kase Hunt, left, Tim Hunt, Charles Priestley and Jim Reed Carl S., left, Eileen Schurmann, Terry Trapp and Eric Bowman John, Joe, Dale and Andrew Pat Vincent and Shirley Vincent
Sharon and Dawn Sieh Auction items: The Birdman Cometh, jersey Signed & sealed baseballs Tim Tebow
Mike Czarnek, left; hole-in-one winner Jeff Schildgen and Tony Slavec Waiting for the grub Sharing scores Lunch
Mr Hole-In-One, Jeff Schildgen Raffle winner Susan Horton holding her new Rocket Driver with SSF's Teri Smith    
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