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May, 16 2012 - MHAC Pro Bono Outreach Program Celebrates 25 Years

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Don Mares, MHAC president and CEO (left), with board member Dr. Ken Krause and Moe Keller, vice-president of public policy (l to r): Jamie Gulick, Tim Webb, Michael Lott-Mauier and Betty Nufer Ryan Lucas and Sandra Kessinger Lucille River and Anthony Mares
Dad-and-daughter duo John and Kathleen Van Voorhis June Smigel (left) and Amanda Chaney Erin Barton (left) and Bryn Harris Laura Cordes (left) and Lori Crouch
Joan Henneberry and Seth Belzley Megan Excell (left) with mom Laura Excell, N.D. (l to r): Moe Keller, Catherine Strode and Nan Morehead The outdoor firepit was the perfect spot to sip cocktails and chat.
Karen Colville (left) and Irina Banfi-Mare On the patio (l to r): Ryan Lucas, Whitney Stone, Sandra Kessinger, Rick Lindsey, Tricia Burton and Bob Mines, of sponsor Mines & Associates Jeff Zinn (left) and Bob Rhodes (l to r): Moses Brewer, Alyson Fetherolf and Malik Robinson
Dr. Bert Furmansky (left) chats with Ed George Mother-daughter duo Tamra Hughes (left) and Kaly Kanski Tanya Slovin and Tyler Brewbaker On the enclosed terrace (l to r): Jeff Zinn, Nancy Alterman, Cleo Parker Robinson and Bernard Grant
Brent Spurr, of sponsor Spurr Financial, with Moe Keller Bernard Grant (left) chats with Moses Brewer Enjoying a spring evening outdoors (l to r): Susan Meeske, Brady Rhodes, Sandra Rhodes, Alec Rhodes and Bob Rhodes At the farmer's market station: Suzanne Laurion (left) and Cathy Silton
Board member Seth Belzley (left) chats with sponsors Aaron and Niah Hyatt David Driscoll and Jane Tidball Board members (l to r): Dr. Ken Krause, Seth Belzley, Roz Wheeler-Bell and Aaron Hyatt Joan Henneberry (left), with Bernie Beuscher and board member Mary Beth Buescher
Drs. Karen and Frank Timmons, event sponsors Dr. Ken Krause, sponsor and board member, discusses the pro bono program. Sandra Rhodes, a volunteer for 25 years, talks about the impact of the pro bono program. Ben, a client of the pro bono program, tells the group about the positive changes brought about by the MHAC Pro Bono Program.
Ruth and Don Mares chat with Mary Catherine Moss, development coordinator (right). (l to r): Drs. Frank and Karen Timmons, and Dr. Beverly Brauer (l to r): Kathleen Van Voorhis, Kathleen Cronan, John Van Voorhis and Kathy Brady Ken Johnson and board member Gwen Brewer
Husband and wife Ben and Jaime talked about their positive experience with the pro bono program. Ari Feldman and Carmen Tremmel (l to r): Brooke Powers, Ed George and Cara Lazanski Judy Murray (left) and Melinda Harriman
(l to r): Board member Roz Wheeler-Bell, Jeff Zinn, Bernard Grant and board member Pegi Touff      
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