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May, 23 2012 - Mizel Museum Honors Glenn Jones at 30th Anniversary Celebration

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Dianne Eddolls, left, honoree Glenn Jones and last year's honoree, Sharon Magness Blake Diane Eddolls and Glenn Jones pose with the Jones family Recipient of the Community Enrichment award, Glenn Jones, with his longtime companion, Dianne Eddolls Glenn Thompson of the Araphoe County Sheriff's Dept., left, Deb Thompson, Suzanne Reams and Craig Reams, also with the Sheriff's Dept.
Joanne Gaskill, left, Michael Gaskill of the Aurora PD, Gene Colwell, Aurora PD, Arapahoe County Commissioner Nancy Jackson and Capt. Jerry Hinkle, Aurora PD Attorney General John Suthers, left, Janet Suthers, Maria Garcia Berry and Mike Shaw Bonnie and David Mandarich, left, with Carol and Patt Schiewitz Emily Reaser, left, Pat Brown and Diane Huttner
Ann and Joe Fretz, left, with Marsha Berzins, Aurora City Council Bo and Lynne Cottrell (their TAPS event is coming up June 15 and 16!) and Bob LeGare, Aurora City Council Arapahoe County Commissioner Bill Holen and Debi Hunter Holen, Aurora Council Betsy Hogan with Walt Imhoff
Larry Mizel, left, with David McReynolds Tom Roupe, left, Larry Mizel, Evan Zucker Representative Sal Pace, left, Larry MIzel and honoree Glenn Jones Chris Waggett, left, Bob Sanderman and Mike Johnson
Ryta and Steve Sondergard Craig Fleishman, left, with Terri and Al Fisher Kelly Kennedy, left, Charlie and Diane Gallagher Congressman Scott Tipton, left, Shane Schmutz, Brenton Hutson, Roger Hutson and Charlie Gallagher
Sheryl and Milroy Alexander, left, and Pat Hamill Heather and Representative Dan Pabon Andrew Freedman, left, (Lt. Governor's chief of staff), Roxane White (Governor's chief of staff), Norm Brownstein, Scott Eldredge and Dan Theodorescu Monica Owens and her dad Bill Owens
Andrew Romanoff, left, Danielle Radovich, Melissa Caplan and Congressman Ed Perlmutter Dennis Gallagher, Denver city auditor, left, with the Villager's Bob Sweeney Pamela Norton, left, David Shelpuk, Laine Hanson, Michael Ditchfield, (who did not leave early), Al Charron and Teresa Porter Jason Paez, left, Harvey Allon, Rachel Allon and Melanie Pearlman, executive director of The CELL
Lynn Bronikowski, left, and Keri Christiansen Julie Heiss, left, Denver Division Fire Chief Scott Heiss and Jim Creamer Peggy Toll, left, former Representative Anne McGihon, Representative Glenn Vaad and fomer Senator Dan Gibbs Fortner Joe Coors, left, and Kurt Schwartzkopf
Ryan DeVore, left, Paul Esserman, Kerre Millman and Elaine Millman Larry Mizel, left, Dr. Dianna Kunz of the VOA, honoree Glenn Jones, Dianne Eddolls, Suzanne and Jim Nicholson Judi and Marvin Wolf chat with Larry Mizel Judi and Marvin Wolf, left, with Larry Mizel
Larry Mizel, left, Doug Jones, Joe Blake, Dianne Eddolls, Glenn Jones and Congressman Mike Coffman Dianne Eddolls, Glenn Jones and Congressman Mike Coffman Larry Mizel, left, Ryan Frazier, Glenn Jones, Dianne Eddolls, Jones University President Richard Cox and Jocelyn Cox Larry Mizel, left, an unidentified supporter, Robert Roper, Glenn Jones, Dianne Eddolls, Lee Clayton Roper and Mike Fries
Senator Mark Scheffel and his sister, Debora Scheffel, on the State Board of Education Leslie McKay with Tom Philand, Kroenke Sports Enterprises Hanne Lichtenfels, left, Marcia Robinson and Arlene Hirschfeld With the Denver Post: Curtis Hubbard and Tracy Ulmer
Steve Ellman, left, Governor John Hickenlooper and Jim Wikert Larry Mizel, left, honoree Glenn Jones, Dianne Eddolls and Governor John Hickenlooper Eddie Robinson, left, and Larry Mizel The Bow River table
Representatives Kevin Priola, left, and Sal Pace Emcee Bill Owens opens the program Former Governor Bill Owens welcomes everyone Alex McIntosh and David Wallace perform the bagpipe procession
Eagle Scouts present the Colors Presentation of the Colors Jon Chandler sings the national anthem Mizel Museum Executive Director Ellen Premack says a few words
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock presents some comments Denver Mayor Michael Hancock making a point From The CELL: Melanie Pearlman, executive director, and Courtney Mizel, founding director and chairman Governor John Hickenlooper says a few words (Bill Owens joked that this was only the second time he's worn a suit since he's been in office.)
Larry Mizel addresses the crowd Dean Singleton, CEO of MediaNews Group (Denver Post) was an honoree at this event in 2009. Regis University President Father Michael Sheeran will be retiring next week after 19 years with Regis. A dance troupe surprised Glenn Jones
Larry Mizel and Glenn Jones look at the award      
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