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June, 16 2012 - Michael Martin Murphey Headlines Toe-Tappin' TAPS Grand Finale

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Tables included event programs, as well as books about Caisson horse, Klinger. Ian and Shannon Pucek Curt and Helen Zook place a bid at the silent auction. Marsha and Andris Berzins
Silent auction items were lined just outside the barn structure. Steve and Marla Grove graciously offered their ranch for the TAPS event. Tom Tarver (left), with Karisa and David Heninger Decor reflected the festive-Western atmosphere.
Carrie West (left), with Rebecca and Lew Kling Tony David, Pam Hughes and Kerry Edwards entertained the crowd for 90 minutes during an extended dinner hour. (l to r): Deb Baumann, Jim Hyatt, Pete Luthman, Richie Law, and Pete and Rachel Wikowsky Bryan and Ashley Hamilton
Penny Shuey and Fred Beisser (l to r): Ann Penny, Bob Boulerice and Venita McLemore Auction team (l to r): Roger Sierens, Al Train and Jim Manning Susan Dikeman (left), with Chris and Sharon Dunmall
Gus and Ruth Skinner Country-fabulous fashion: Ed and Gayle Novak (l to r): Rachel Wikowsky, Paula Stanley, Channing Demonja, Shay Eckhart and Melanie Lawson (l to r): Rebecca Kling, Carrie West, Rich and Deba Larson, and Lew Kling
Mike and Nolan Epple Kareen and Jim Kimsey (left), with Dr. Denny Chalus (l to r): Joe and Gail Coors, Don Ytterberg, George and Marcia Brauchler, and Harold and Diane Smethills People patiently waited for a serving of banana pudding to top off their prime-rib dinner.
Nothing generic with this crew. Traditional banana pudding was created with 'Nilla Wafers. The Cowboy Coors Club served up a hearty serving of patriotism along with some delicious food. Keep 'em coming: prime rib straight from the smoker. TAPS staff members Erin Jacobson (left) and Kyle Harper
Singer-songwriter-producer Jeff Dayton joins TAPS staff memebers Erin Jacobson (left) and Kyle Harper (l to r, standing): Steve Grove, Darrel and Kathy Schmidt, and Mary Osborne; front (l to r): Gerry Moore, Bart Johnson, Barbara Moore and Katie Johnson The group grows (l to r, seated): Gerry Moore, Bart Johnson, Barbara Moore and Katie Johnson; (back l to r): Darrel and Kathy Schmidt, Mary Osborne, Steve Grove and Jan Cortez (l to r): Erynn Hargrave, Loretta Perry, Joan Beninati and Mary K Lowe
Mort Marks (left, seated) and Congressman Mike Coffman (standing), with the Jeff Gruitch family Steve Phelps (back, standing), with (l to r): Ralph Achilles, Heather Ehle, Marci Smith and Kristi Cox Joe Coors (left) helps the Coors Cowboy Club "Chuckwagon Crew" serve up some mighty fine fixin's. Complementing their prime-rib dinner with a cold Coors Light (l to r): Gail Coors, Don Ytterberg and Geoff Bailey
Event co-director Lynne Cottrell (left), with TAPS founder Bonnie Carroll Go Army (l to r): Joseph and Josephine Quinata, and Gina and SSgt John Aldan SSgt Roger Lanuza, with Megan Robbins and Alexander (l to r): Tom and Ursula Bower; Brigadier General Steve Ritchie, recipient of the Air Force Cross; and event co-director Bo Cottrell
Colorado PGA Section's executive director, Eddie Ainsworth, announces Colorado Celebrity Classic winners. Carla and Doug Dusso pose during the dinner program. Doug donated his "closest to the pin" golf-tournament winnings back to TAPS. Blue Flight golf-tournament winners Picking up golf-tournament hardware during the dinner program.
Colorado Celebrity Classic flight winners Winners of the military division of the Celebrity Classic Event director Lynne Cottrell presents former Denver Bronco Ron Egloff with the celebrity award for the golf tournament. KOA radio host Steffan Tubbs served as emcee.
A TAPS participant speaks from the heart about the brother she lost. Generous hearts fueled the live auction. Bo and Lynne Cottrell watch live-auction bidding on a multi-autographed guitar. A TAPS participant prepares to release a balloon in honor of his father.
On-the-spot donations during the live auction. During the awards presentation (l to r): Marla and Steve Grove, TAPS founder Bonnie Carroll, Miles Cortez, Jake Jabs and emcee Steffan Tubbs Lynne and Bo Cottrell were honored by TAPS founder Bonnie Carroll. Jake Jabs is honored with one of the awards created to depict a fallen soldier's cross with rifle, helmet and dog tags.
Jake Jabs (left) backs up Bo Cottrell's vocals. Two members of All in the Family perform. Richie Law, this year's American Idol "bad boy" has a heart of gold--and rich vocals. Eddy Raven said "Thank God for Kids" was the best song he ever wrote.
Cowboy crooner Michael Martin Murphey Running through the melodic guitar riffs of "Carolina in the Pines." Michael Martin Murphey tells the crowd of 600 he's used to performing in barns.  
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