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June, 13 2012 - 7th Annual TAPS Celebrity Classic Songwriters Show and Dinner

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Renee Green, left, with Casey Kemp, Dani and Tony David and Chuck Lawson Donations from proceeds from these special bears to the kids as part of TAPS programs Volunteers Jennifer Lee, left, Karen D'Ambrose and Meghan Lee Bruce and Jodi Speegle, left, with Loretta and Peter Perry
Tiffanie King and E7 Josh Wingate Patricia and Rob Bollinger, left, with Jeanette and Burt Hands Up and coming country star Richie Law signs the guitar to be sold at live auction Event organizer Lynne Cottrell chats with Tom Tarver of Greiner Electric
Former Bronco and restauranteur Ron Egloff signs a special hat for a fan Chuck Lee, left, Renee Green and John Edwards From The Villager: Linda Kehr, left, Publisher Bob Sweeney and Rosemary Fetter Richie Law, left, Andrea Castro and songwriter Jeff Dayton
Photographers Dave and Anne Gill Volunteers Tom and Janet Roundtree with Joe and Gail Coors Cristina Huerta, left, LCpl Jordan Huerta, Cpl Kelsey Edwards and Sgt Broc Cartwright Edie Marks, left, Bob Sweeney, Ralph Achilles and Ginger Parietti
Marci Smith, left, Heather Ehle of Project Sanctuary, Luke Elgin and Kristi Cox Sheila and Dave Wampler, left, with Robert Rudich Lynne Cottrell with major sponsors David and Elaine Greiner and TAPS founder Bonnie Carroll Michael and Jane Johnson, left, Jan Burmeister, Carol and Bill Kingery and Eddie Johnson
Dorothy Shakespeare shows off her new purchase, which was aided by the gift shop at the Red Lion giving 25% off in order to help TAPS Darrel and Kathy Schmidt, left, with Susan and Eric Sipf Miles Cortez, left, Bonnie Carroll, Dick and Claudia Myers Basketball legend Bill Hanzlik and his wife Marybeth
Linda James, left, Richie Law, Edie Marks and Gail Coors Eric Schierburg, left, Bo Cottrell and Rich Schierburg Radio personality Mike Rosen with Lynne and Bo Cottrell Spencer Walden, left, Hunter Mosher, Ron Spratt, Maureen Walden and Devon Walden
Paul and Joan Beninati Virgil Bartlett, left, and Ron Sober from the Coors Cowboy Club, who serve up delicious fixins at the Saturday night bbq every year Sandra Woods, left, Joe Coors and Natalie Vickers TV star Tom Bower, left, Nolan Hargrove, Ursula Bower, songwriter Billy Montana and Donna Montana
Bo Vickers, left, chats with Ardy and Kit Cowperthwaite Kathy Schmidt, left, Kalleen Malone and Bonnie Carroll The centerpieces were perfect. Amanda Lane, left, Alicia Guber and Bonnie Carroll
John and Kate Riess with former Bronco and restauranteur Jerry Sturm Lee Taylor, left, clowns around with Robert Nitesto John Walsh, left, Glen Gardner, Tim Brasel, Jim Sjoerdsma, Joe Pierce and George Lee Bob Malone, left, chats with Brian Watson
Martha Kelce, left, Jan Cortez and Kalleen Malone Shane Schmutz, left, with Gordon Burr Patti Wimmer and Frank Myers, who later sang Frank's hit "Just You and I," pose with Bo Cottrell (center) Jan Burmeister, left, John and Selly Seiber and Glen Burmeister
Mike Zimmerman, left, General Gene Renuart and Christine Hoppe with sponsor AIMCO Congressman Mike Coffman, left, with Scott Celley of sponsor Triwest Healthcare Alliance Congressman Mike Coffman, left, greets MG Joe Anderson Bill Hanzlik, left, chats with Scott Celley and MG Joe Anderson
Event co-organizer Bo Cottrell welcomes everyone Bonnie Carroll, left, with Miles and Jan Cortez at the AIMCO table Scott Celley and Steve Alcock of TriWest Healthcare Alliance raise their hands when Triwest is acknowledged American Furniture Warehouse's Jake Jabs, center, has been a consistent and constant supporter of TAPS
Bo Cottrell makes a point TV star "Bubba" Gilliam smiles as he is introduced MG Joe Anderson, commander of Fort Carson, says a few words MG Joe Anderson makes a point
Gen Gene Renuart (USAF, Ret.) talks on stage about being there for families of fallen heroes. Gen Gene Renuart thanks TAPS for what they do Gen Gene Renuart gives a hug to TAPS founder Bonnie Carroll Lynne and Bo Cottrell joshing on stage
Bo Cottrell reacts to a quip by Lynne Jake Jabs, left, Lynne Cottrell and Gordon Close of Harvest Guitars, who donated the guitar that was auctioned off Jake Jabs holds the guitar that he subsequently auctioned off And the winner of the guitar auction is.....Gen Gene Renuart!
Comedian Ralph Achilles demonstrates his deadpan humor Ralph Achilles had guests rolling in the aisles Songwriters Frank Myers, left, Jeff Dayton, Billy Montana and Brett Jones played their hits Billy Montana sings one of his songs
Eddy Raven, left, joins the songwriters on stage for a song Eddy Raven, left, Frank Myers, Jeff Dayton, Billy Montana, Brett Jones    
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