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June, 15 2012 - Lutheran Family Services ZooBQ

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Tatum Ashburn, left, with Annika Kallestad President/CEO Jim Barclay thanks the crowd of nearly 1,000 for supporting Lutheran Family Services A pair of rhinos lounge near the exhibit viewing area The zoo train transports a few families attending the ZooBQ around the exhibits
Dorothy Stenman, left, with Anna Stenman Addison Pope, top left, with Jessica Meehan, Lori Pope, Jadara Taliaferro, Lily Meehan and Macy Pope Brandy Medrano, top left, with Charisse Viator, Daniel Medrano, Azelia Viator, Maya Medrano and Michelle Viator Kevin O'Connell, top left, with Andrea, Aidan and Logan O'Connell
Hunter and Penny Anderson Laura Cuffe, top left, with Deb Paul, Spencer Cuff, Jerry Paul and Baylie Cuffe Musician Stephan Hume plays his guitar while guests enjoy their dinner Mark Allen, left, with Becca Koch, Jim Koch, Kay Koch, Jonah Koch and Matthew Allen
Anne Stratton, left, with Amelia Stratton Daniel Hendricks, left, with J.J. Hendricks Ellen Hothem and Carl Beyer Vivian Vengtson, left, with Evelyn Johnson, Jill McMahon and Susan Harmon
Steve Kruger, left, with Debbie Kruger and Shirley Swedeen Gayle Dorr, left, with Joey T. Pizzi, Jake Pizzi and Thom Dorr Elijah Barclay and Temperance Barclay Katharine and Alex Hauge
Sue Popp, left, with President/CEO Jim Barclay, Margaret Hinchey and Donald Hinchey Dan Popp, left, with Dick Popp Members of St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Greenwood Village: Howard Yeoman, top left, Bill Hunter, Nathan Gerhart, Alan Greene, Bill Lingard; Jamie O'Bryan, middle left, Shelly Hunter, Susan Greene, Michelle Greene, Cathy Lingard, Baylie Cuff, Jerry Paul; Andy Mohrhaus, bottom left, Holly Pederson and Deb Paul Jacob Luplow gets his face painted like a lion
Tony and Cheryl Meyers, top, with Leiloni Myers Gary Krogh, back left, and Sharon Borza; Karri Davis, front left, Connie Davis, Amanda Sherman, George Gonzalez, Stacy Owman, all of Kohl's, pose with Mrs. Colorado 2012, Courtney Graham Tara Fisher and David Boersma Richard Schugar and Nita Altum
Kim Fritz, left, with Sarah Fritz, Laurie Burtch and Crystle Hartman Dari Briggs, left, with Davis and Robinson Briggs Jacob Luplow, left, with Steve and Emily Luplow A girl gets her face painted to the right of the food tent at the San Diego Zoo pavillion
Jason Humphries, left, with Drake Humphries Maryellen Hertel, left, with Scott Hertel A volunteer uses the face paint to beautify a girl's left arm Families serve themselves barbeque for dinner
A cooler full of drinks ensured no one went thirsty on a warm Denver night at the zoo. The event's sponsors included CoBiz Financial, Kohl's and 9News.    
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