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July, 12 2012 - 9/11 Freedom Rally Kickoff Dinner

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This signature 9/11 Freedom Rally cake was donated by Sweet's Custom Cakes & Bake Shop. A 9/11 Freedom Rally banner welcomes guests, and reminds them to be front-and-center at Arapahoe Park on Sept. 7-9. Table centerpieces were available to take home with a donation. Ganiyu and Torey Abdul, of Sweet's Custom Cakes & Bake Shop
The honor guard from the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office practices with precision. Hostesses Mary Nader (left) and Channing Schmuck The honor guard from Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office (l to r): Deputies Jana Cates, Brian Worthy, Nathaniel Wright, Matt Miller and Justin Lane State Rep. and Congressional candidate Joe Miklosi (left), with Dean Meinen
(l to r): Naomi Colwell, Carter Earle, Nicolette Colwell, Alexis Colwell, Celeste Delahanty and Bruce Smith Rick Crandall and Celeste Delahanty chat at the reception. Crandall, KEZW radio personality, was singled out during the program for his work on the Colorado Freedom Memorial. Shannon Melcher (left), with Sharon Mowry At the reception (l to r): Michael Collins, Denny Streed, Victor Loya, CCA board member Donny Ottaway, Tony Delorezo and Ralph Vickrey
(l to r): SSgt. Dean Sanchez, Kyle Doying, Teresa Anderson and CCA's board chair JJ Margiotta (l to r): Briley Peters, Michelle Mallin, John Gandolfo and Lynda Strizich Marty Weinstock (left) and John Nash are members of Combat Veterans Cowboy Up. (l to r): Marilee Lucken, Vikki Devich, Jim Goinz, Kim and Monte Diede, and board member Paul Lucken
(l to r): Joshua Gillespie, Rat Goldstein, Karin Rager, Heather Gent and board treasurer Bob Clementz SSgt. David Nevels (left) chats with HMC (FMF/SW/CAC) Trey Hauptmann Bob Barke' (left), with Visit Aurora's president/CEO Gary Wheat Gary Wheat, Visit Aurora President/CEO, with CCA board chair and 9/11 Freedom Rally founder JJ Margiotta
Karin Rager chats with members of The Military Order of the Purple Heart (l to r): Sabas Amaya, Jr., Becky Amaya, and Jan and Dick Huffman Guests gather for the pre-dinner cocktail reception. Event coordinator Cathy Chavez (right), with Sarah Lockwood, who was celebrating her 25th birthday. (l to r): Jim and Nonnie Saul, Mile High Racing's Bruce Seymore, Kim Kirby, and Ganiyu and Torey Abdul
A purple statement with red accent (l to r): Sabas Amaya, Jr., Becky Amaya, CCA's Michelle Mallin, Jan and Dick Huffman, and hostess Karin Rager Karla Maraccini (left) and Ryan Grundy (l to r): Board treasurer Bob Clements, Deana Paprocki, Laurie Easton and Roger Russomanno Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan (left), with wife Becky and Jeff Thompson
(l to r): Naomi Colwell, Lew and Karen Kerrick, and Bruce Smith Abla Jad (right), with Najwa Khalaf, who helped create table centerpieces. A diverse crowd with a single mindset had much to talk about before the dinner program. (l to r): Corbin Dunfee, Mary Nader, Drew Margiotta and Heather Jent
Keynote speaker, Brig Gen Trulan Eyre (left) chats with SSgt. David Nevels Displaying red-white-and-blue spirit...and attire...(l to r): Karin Rager, Mary Nader, Channing Schmuck, Heather Jent and Kathy Chavez Guests were served a hearty dinner with after the cocktail reception. Board chair and 9/11 Freedom Rally founder JJ Margiotta talks about the meaning and purpose of the event to be held this year on Sept. 7-9 at Arapahoe Park.
Emcee Dave Delozier, of 9News, tells the crowd about covering the events of 9/11. The Kory Brunson Band's "We Know You're Out There" is a moving tribute to the men and women of the armed forces. Kory Brunson entertains the crowd Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan talks about the importance of remembering 9/11.
Brig. Gen. Trulan Eyre, Commander of the 140th Wing Colorado Air National Guard, tells about flying an F-16 over Colorado skies on the night of Sept. 11, 2001. (l to r): SSgt. David Nevels, SSgt. Dean Sanchez and HMC (FMF/SW/CAC) Trey Hauptmann Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) members, l to r: Fran Lanzer, Cheryl Blum Garcia and Barb Brodt  
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