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August, 23 2012 - MHAC Kicks Off Tribute 2012

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Becky Plunkett and Mary Catherine Moss wait to greet MHAC's guests Moe Keller, Lisa Maes and Dennis Maes, MHAC Board member, enjoy the evening MHAC Board members Dennis Maes and Jane Tidball are all smiles at the Kickoff reception. Tribute to Leadership Honorary Chair Cole Finegan, left, with Chair Seth Belzley
Tricia Burton and Whitney Stone enjoy the evening MHAC President and CEO Don Mares, left, with Bob Mines and Rick Lindsey Luke Price, Joe Mahoney and Ben Kuruvila help kick off the salute Colorado Trust President and CEO Ned Colange, left, with Dr. Chris Urbina
MHAC board member Jane Tidball, left, Board Chair Stuart Kassan, and board member Evan Silverman Lisa Herschli and MHAC board member Brett Spurr enjoy the evening MHAC honorary board member Cy Harvey, left, with Tribute Chairs Seth and Cody Belzley and board member Evan Silverman Tim and Jean Hudner, left, with Elizabeth Eldridge
Suzanne Culin, left, with Jerry Glick, Shannon Gifford and Tribute Honorary Chair Cole Finegan Thomas Holliday, left, with Sheila Smith, board member Thomas Barrett and honorary board member Dr. Kip Doran MHAC board member Gwen Brewer, Moses Brewer and Mary Canty-Merrill enjoy the evening Marcelo Kort, center, with Drs. Haydee and Gregorio Kort
Tribute Honorary Chair Meyer and Geri Saltzman, with MHAC President and CEO Don and Ruth Mares Rob Mintz and Tribute Chair Cody Belzley Luis Colon and Tribute Honorary Chair Cole Finegan catch up at the kickoff Michael Touff with Tribute Honorary Chair and Colorado Trust Board Chair Patty Baca
Cherry Hills Village Mayor Doug Tisdale at the kickoff Dr. Kip Doran, Lucille Johnson, and Robert Campbell enjoy the evening Elder and Brenda Granger at the kickoff reception Lisa Williams and Dr. Larry Spivack enjoy the evening
Barbara Allen Ford and Doug Linkhart help kick off the Tribute Tribute Chair Cody Belzley, with Mark Croshek, honoree Dr. Carl Clark, and Tribute Chair Seth Belzley Rececca Aristizabal, with Izas Ripoli, Tamara Rodriguez and Toti Cadavid R.J. Ross, with Colorado Trust President and CEO Ned Colange and Tim Hudner
Tribute committee members Jim and Patricia Smith at the kickoff Tribute Chairs Seth and Cody Belzley open the presentation Guests listen as the honorees are announced Drs. Gregorio and Haydee Kort, with Judy and Dr. Scott Liggett
Bianca Mikhan tells the crowd about some of the MHAC programs MHAC President and CEO addresses the crowd Dr. Chris Urbina, a member of Gov. Hickenlooper's cabinet, speaks of the importance of MHAC programs Jeannie Ritter and Geri Saltzman enjoy the evening
Jerome Davis and Suzanne Culin help kick off the Tribute Rob Mintz and Tara Dunn enjoy the kickoff MHAC Honorary Board Chair Patty Cook, with honorary board member Ruth Silver MHAC honorary board member Dr. Herb Merrill and Laura Cordes help kick off the tribute
Dr. Chris Urbina, with MHAC board member Chuck Reyman Lisa Maes, with MHAC board member Dennis Maes, Niah Hyatt and MHAC board member Aaron Hiatt MHAC board member Dyana Furmansky, honorary board member Dr. Bert Furmansky, MHAC board member Jane Tidball, with Board Chair Dr. Stu and Gail Kassan kick off the Tribute  
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