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September, 08 2012 - Tennis With the Stars

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Kids participating in the afternoon program have fun learning new techniques Kids leave the courts after the afternoon programs The one and only Andy Zodin, director of pretty much everything related to this tennis event. Pros v amateurs in the "beat the pro" matches
Champion Jeff Salsenstein says hello before the match Jeff Salsenstein in fine form Vasalisa Bardena showing off her champion style Jeff Salsenstein and his partner in the "beat the pro" series
Jeff Salsenstein and partner in action Vasalisa Bardena in the beat the pro match Pros and amateurs playing before the final match Players in action
Pro Jake Keller serves it up "I got it!" Art Quinn and his partner get ready to volley Kellen Damico (left), Nate Schnugg, Philip Farmer and Brian Battistone show off their medals from the Pro Doubles Match
The Tennis with the Stars tournament was held at the Columbine Country Club, with a day of great tennis followed by an awards dinner Nancy Robertson (left) with Corinne Griffin David and Sonia Franzel Joe D'Ambrosio (left) with Nick D'Ambrosio and Jeff Farmer, father of pro Philip Farmer
Andy Zodin kept the Pro Doubles match lively and entertaining Nancy, Matt and Chris Sayre The tennis pros, Brian Battistone, Philip Farmer, Kellen Damico and Nate Schnugg, pose with event chair Andy Zodin and the ball boys before starting the Pro Doubles match Margaret Brown (left), Ron Brown, Carol Vernon holding Max Vernon, and Susan Brown
Paula Mitchell (left) with James Foy, Lynn Koczera, and Corinne Griffin Guests had some unique and fabulous auction items on which to bid The gold medals! There were many awards to go around, for a great tournament effort
Guests enjoyed a Mexican buffet dinner Kellen Damico with Hilary Stanton Kevin Starkey (left) with Art Quinn Guests enjoyed a relaxing dinner at the Columbine Country Club after a day of tournaments
Brian Battistone shows his unique double-handed raquet Andy Zodin listens while Jeremy Bloom describes the work of his foundation, Wish of a Lifetime Kellen Damico receives his medal from Jeremy Bloom Kevin Starkey accepting his medal
Kellen Damico serves the ball Andy had to see what biting the gold medal is all about! Philip Farmer receives his medal from Jeremy Bloom Kellen Damico receives his first medal for Pro-Am runner up
Brian Battistone serves while Philip Farmer waits for the return Nate Schnugg receives his medal Brian looks like he's got it! Art Quinn accepts a medal on behalf of a missing player
Jeremy bloom gives a high five along with a spirit award to a young player who played after just being in the hospital for appendicitis Despite a right arm in a cast, this young player kept on playing, and earned a spirit award as well as a high-five from Jeremy Bloom! Sarah Hamilton receives her medal for best performance from Jeremy Bloom Matt Sayre receives his medal for performance
Susan Brown receives her performance award medal, her third of the evening Kellen Damico and Nate Schnugg keep the volley going Blake Davis receives his award for Sportsmanship Guests enjoyed watching the Pro Doubles match
David Franzel speaks about their daughter Sascha Franzel, as his wife Sonia looks on Jeremy Bloom (left), Andy Zodin, David and Sonia Franzel announce the winner of the Star of Stars Award Andy Zodin told the crowd why Breezy Coyne embodies the spirit of the Star of Stars Award Andy Zodin congratulates the winner of the inaugural Sascha Franzel Star of Stars Award, Breezy Coyne
Jessica and Jeremy Cohen with Sarah Hamilton Jessica and Jeremy Bloom Margaret (left) and Susan Brown with Brooke Vernon Philip Farmer and Andy Zodin show off their medals
Andy Zodin with Sarah Hamilton Kellen goes for it! Kellen Damico and Nate Schnugg congratulate each other on a good play Nate Schnugg runs for the net
A show of support between teammates Philip Farmer and Brian Battistone Brian Battistone and Philip Farmer wait for the serve After a great exhibition game the pro's shake hands across the net  
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