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October, 01 2012 - MHAC Tribute to Leadership 2012

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The Sheraton Denver Hotel Downtown Hope Hyatt and Don Mares The bustling check in desk Peter Leopardi, left, with Mike Fraser and Tommi Wolfe
Sage Nichols, left, with Rachel Scott Jane Tidball and Kevin White check out the auction prizes Jamie Gulick, left, shows wine choices to Brett and Robyn Spurr Leanna Clark, left, with Elbra Wedgeworth
Cynde and Rick Simms Tim and Jean Huder Herb Rubenstein, left, with Ira and Cynthia Shwartz, Nancy Alterman and Jeff Zinn Ed George, with Alyson Fetherholf, Mary Catherine Moss and Laura Gustafson
Susan Larson, left, with Norma Cannalt Kathleen VanVoorhis, left, with Kathleen Cronan Amanda Chaney, left, with Artis and Evan Silverman Moe Keller, left, with Susan Marine
Ruth OBrien, left, with Margaret Topf Cynthia Granger, left, with Brenda and Elder Granger, Moses and Gwen Brewer Paul Melinkovich, left, with Cody and Seth Belzley, event chairs Guests check out the auction items
Crowded check-in desk Sandy Rhodes, left, with Diane Wheeler Roz Wheeler-Bell, left, with Barbara Allen Ford Peg Burnette, left, with Stephanie Thomas and Joan Henneberry
Debbie and Randy Majors Mark Groshek, left, with Dr. Carl Clark Dyana and Dr. Bert Furmansky Sophia Conti, left, with Dennis Maes
Alyson Fetherholf, left, with Ed George and Jacy Condradt Liz Sauter with Marty Kenfield Gregory Smith, left, with Monika and Jeff Valentine The crowd grows in size to over 750
Busy auction tables Howard Lerman, left, with David Schler Arnold and Marguerite Salazar with Bill Ritter Sydney with Stephanie Cross
The ballroom all ready to go The crowd is seated Front left: Dr. Patricia Baca, with Mary Baca, Carol Plock, David Jones and Randy Ratliff, Back row, left, Ruth and R.J. Ross Bianca Mikahn performs
President and CEO Donald Mares thanks the crowd Donald Mares talks about his inspiration Tribute to Leadership  
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