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October, 20 2012 - Western Fantasy 2012: "Stars Over the Rockies, Legends of the West"

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2012 co-chairs Miss Kitty and Marshal Matt Dillon, aka Carol and Bryce McTavish Spotlights, check. Table settings, check. Thunder's practice walk around the arena, check. Western Fantasy 2012 is ready for 1,100 guests. Table decor included striking floral arrangements. Ann Wegener readies Denver Bronco mascot Thunder for his moment in the spotlight with owner Sharon Magness Blake
(l to r): Rene Green, event co-founder Jean Galloway, Jake Jabs, and Mort and steering-committee member Edie Marks Craig Fleishman and Roselyn Saunders (l to r): Mitch Herren, YP committee member Kane Kunz, Rick Giles and Joseph Havel Chuck Paustion and Christine Woolsey
(l to r): Chuck Crouse, David Sinton and VOA's director of youth, Lindi Sinton Steering-committee member Maria Kunz (left) and Bert Mizke (l to r): Bill and Lori Gibson, and Susan and Ryan Sells Jay and Kristina Davidson
Jackie and Gary Brookshire (l to r): Terri Jeffers, Dawna Gallo, Chris Jeffers, and Amy and Doug Jones (l to r): Allie Gosch, Holiday Goodreau, Barbara Grogan and Mark Cordova (l to r); Allie and Phil Gosch, and Holiday and Stan Goodreau
Steering-committee member, Hyde Park's Michael Pollak (left), with sponsors Anna and John Sie (l to r): Allison Levy, Amy Cesario, Rick Cord and Aidan Ryan Trevor and Jenny Hanson (l to r): David and Julia Heller, Amy and Glen Opp, and Jan and Rob Miles
(l to r): Ken and Trish Green, and Debby and Dave Fisher Tom and Lana Akin (l to r): Dawn Nakamura Kessler, Randy Kessler, Kathy and Rob Klugman, and Susie Mostow (l to r): Marilyn Coors, Walt Imhoff and Betsy Hogan
Cynthia and Doug Evans (left), with Mark Cordova Happy Western stars (l to r): Nancy Blakeley, co-chair Bryce McTavish, Suzy Adams, co-chair Carol McTavish, and Laura and Nachbur. Nancy and Suzie traveled from St. Louis for the event. Donna Keffeler checks messages before immersing herself in the Old West atmosphere with John Nachbur (l to r): Pat and Mike Sweeney, and Scott Richards
(l to r): Charlie Walling, Charlie Russell and Pete Coors (l to r): Al Fisher, Stephanie Odak, Terri Fisher, steering-committee members Susan Stiff and Steve Edmonds Denise and Brent Snyder (l to r): Adam and Breann McNeil, and Judy and Charlie McNeil
(l to r): Kevin Glassman, Tamara Bowman, and Amy and Doug Jones (l to r): Deb Smith, Will Miles and Emily Tarleton (l to r): Ron Mayo, John Fitch and Aaron Bradford (l to r): Harry Gorham, Terri Smith, Tracy Turner and Patrick Gorham
The Lone Ranger and faithful companion Tonto ride again: Sharon Magness Blake and Ernie Blake, with Sharon's gorgeous Arabian horse, Thunder (l to r): Rollie Jordan, Tom Shane, Pat Robinson, Casey Kemp, and Don and Dorian Bailey Denver's mayor, Michael Hancock, was a splendid (and good-natured) one-third of the onstage Three Amigos. VOA's president and CEO, Dianna Kunz, gave the evening's invocation.
Ed Greene's blackmail-photo moment with co-emcee Lauren Whitney (l to r): John and YP committee-member Dana Berry (left), with Laura Romero The 1,100 guests enjoyed an elegantly down-home dinner prepared by Epicurean Catering. Kalleen Malone, recipient of The Noel and Tammy Cunningham Humanitarian Award, with VOA's board president, Bob Bardwell, Jr.
An actress portrayed the story of VOA client Dixie. The real-life Dixie (left) embraces the actress who portrayed her onstage, as emcee Ed Greene looks on Co-chairs Carol and Bryce McTavish urge guests to open their wallets for the live-auction portion of the program. A volunteer collects pledge cards
Sharon Magness Blake (center), with co-chairs Carol and Bryce McTavish Sharon Magness Blake (in white) presents co-chairs and Bronco fans Carol and Bryce McTavish with a Peyton Manning-autographed jersey. Emcees Ed Greene and Lauren Whitney enjoyed their numerous costume changes throughout the evening. Auctioneer Rick Rolph enticed high bids for every item.
Emcees Ed Greene and Lauren Whitney introduce country-music star Rodney Atkins Rodney Atkins bursts onstage with hit single "Take a Back Road." Rodney Atkins hearts Denver fans at Western Fantasy 2012. The best attire for a Denver gig? A Colorado Rockies ballcap and a Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jersey.
The crowd alternates between taking photos and just enjoying the show. Rodney Atkins put on a high-energy show for the sold-out 2012 Western Fantasy.    
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