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October, 24 2012 - LIGHT: A Celebration of the McNichols Building

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Susan Kirk, left, Dorothy Horrell and Nora Kimball Matt Chasansky, left, Chiara Robinson and Deana Miller Wendy Shaya, left, Marian Van Poppel, Jane McAtee and Tricia Smith The Vesta Dipping Grill booth was a popular spot.
Jeff Guzzo and Kevin Morrison from Pinche Tacos working with hungry patrons Josh Wolkon and Bryan Dayton Peggy Lehmann, left, Susan Fry and Mary Ellen Williams Tim Leonard, left, Katie Maguire, Danny Maguire, Emily Clark, Phil Stewart
Martha Weidmann and her daughter Emmalou Federico Fassola and Kris Ann Palacios of Panzano served up delicious morsels Sean Kelly of LoHi Steakbar talks to patrons Peter Johnson, left, Marie Belew Wheatley and Kent Rice
Chef Clint Wangnes, left, Kelly Berger (general manager), Victor Marquez and David Knapp of Zengo/Al Lado Yvette and Chris Frampton, left, with Megan and Chris Zacher Lisa Frazer and Jim Wright Bob Sarlo, left, Jane and Adam Ambro and Joe Taylor
Leah Lazzari, left, Lyn Brooks, Scott and Blake Jordan and Dick Farley Savannah Armstrong and Stevie Kaye from Cru Wine Bar Meghan Berrier, left, Stephanie Osif, Aaron Thomas and Andrew Beisel Jeanne Robb of Denver City Council, left, Donna and Bill James (RTD) and Denver City Council President Mary Beth Susman
Event coordinator Bradley Joseph, left, Kristin Rust, Heather Rule Grady and Nick Brunetti Jack Pappalardo, President of the Art District on Santa Fe with Cheryl Opperman, on their board Matt Welch and Jonathan Power of the Populist serve up some treats. Charlie Hunt and Georgia Amar, "The First Lady of Art" in the Art District on Santa Fe
Louis Kennedy and Nancy Cole Maria Leotta and Brandon Foster of Vesta Dipping Grill Tim O'Shea and Renee Ortiz Peter Wurzburger, left, Elaine Asarch, Richard Asarch, Art Ellsworth
Pauline Herrera Servanni, left, and Yolanda Quesada Kevin and Denise Taylor Ron and Judy Proctor Melissa Kelly, left, Jared Petsche, Kevin Kerndt, Ben DeSoto, Lisa Gedgaudas, Michael Chavez and Tim Taylor
Kirstin Rust, left, Kim Rust, Jennifer Lane Executive Director Lindy Eichenbaum Lent, left, and the Post's Suzanne Brown Scott Richardson and Cynthia Treadwell with Lindy Eichenbaum Lent Nicole Jarmin and Casey Grosscop
The third floor of the McNichols building with art displays Some of the art newly displayed in the McNichols building Jason Lent, left, Josh Wolkon and Chuck Sullivan Melissa Kelly and Jared Petsche helping to greet guests
Travis Webb, left, chats with Ferd Belz of the Conservancy board Jim Havey, left, City Auditor Dennis Gallagher, Susan Fry and Liz Orr Nora Kimball, left, and Kristin Rust Bartenders from Three Tomatoes Catering were busy.
Stacie Loucks, left, Ean Tafoya, Addison Gambert, Ginger White Janice Sinden, left, Mark Najarian (facilities manager, Arts & Venues), and John Ackerman    
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