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October, 27 2012 - City Slicker Soiree 2012

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L to R: Lia Gore, MD, Alexander Quinones, Steven Cohen Exclusive wine silent auction Poster for the City Slicker evening A week at the beach in the silent auction.
Camp banner original art Oil by artist, Karen Vance Dazzling party room at the HCC
L to R: Josh & Kelly Nichols, Beth & John Chisholm L to R: Erin Levendusky, Mieke Scripps, Brenda Allerton Derik Allerton, Jim Lorenzen Mieke Scripps, Gina Lorenzen, John Papilion, Charles Scripps
12-year-old Grace Petroff and mother, Karen L to R: Greg Johnson, Anne Roberts, Craig Foley L to R: Caren Press, Wilma Shepherd, Melissa Siedell L to R: Susan Sweeney, Kirk Mueller, Alan Lanctot and wife
Joe Susnick and Allison Ruud Pamela Peters, John Chisholm L to R: Scott Wylie, Anne Roberts, Jeff Puckett, Terry Fitzpatrick, Craig Foley Sebastian & Kelli Hernandez
L to R: Kim Winesett, Cindy & Ben Henry Michael & Stephany Frick Kathy Cole, Libby Weaver, evening's emcee Rick & Mo Robinson
Shannon & Amy Hill L to R: Krissy Woodruff, Alana Morris, Samora Blum, Mary Lilley Carole & Robert Adelstein Edible art by Chef Michael Bortz, City Bakery
L to R: David Loveland, Sam Morgan, Donna Mayer L to R: Andrew & Kelly Duke, Rick & Shelie Gusafson L to R: Vincent Saturnino, Casey Dorneman, Stephanie Phillips, Nathan Less L to R: Betsy Cheroutes, Martha Schlauch, Judy Cloninger
Amanda Prager, Virginia Bowers Ben & Pam Peternell L to R: John Fiedler, Andrew Duke, Erik Baker Todd & Heather Bondy
Katie Johnson, Rae Wheeler L to R: Mike Handler, Laura Dorneman, Molly Hemenway, Ralph Quinones Chef Frank Bonanno, Bonanno Concepts L to R: Betsy Crane, Mitch & Maggie Morrissey
Chefs from Linger & RootDown: Daniel Asher, left, Jeffrey Lammer, Jeremy Kittelson L to R: Dr. Richard Cohn, Kim Dehncke, Susan Cooper, Richard Dehncke Jim & Gina Lorenzen From Edge Restaurant & Bar, Four Seasons: Simon Purvis, left, Matt Barber, Christopher Jordan
L to R: Melissa Laughlin, Jody Tovar, Heather Anderson Libby Weaver Jerome & Hannah Gienger Samara Blum, Erik Baker
Susan & Mike Cantwell Jeff Petroff, Grace Petroff's father Grace, shown in film about Roundup River Ranch camp. Auctioneer, Adam Kevil and The Petroff Family as the live auction got underway
Sally & Dick O'Laughlin Rob Gettinger, Pete Martinez L to R: Christine Trigg, Shelley Thompson, Nicole Greene Scott & Andrea Webber
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