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November, 10 2012 - Craig Ferguson tickles Colorado's funny bone at annual event

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Christopher and Dawn Banas Legacy Bears to benefit the hospital during the silent auction Legacy Bear display Delicious offerings during the cocktail reception
A wax sculpture for auction "Albert" as well at the 1997 Baldwin Baby Grand Piano Amy Stewart, left, with Jodi Padilla Jim and Debbie Shmerling, left, with Jessie Atlas, Peggy Warner and Howard Atlas Floral design by Bouquets
Flori Legette and Dr. Brian Greffe Shannon Culp, left, wih Lexy Smith Laura and Chad Perlov Thomas and Gina Probst
Gary and Melissa Constant Al and Terri Fisher Adam and Jennifer Daurio Sylvia Atencio, left, with Event Chair Bridget Grier
Victoria, left, with Joy, Randall and Catherine Clark Tim and Patricia Givens Steve and Shawna Peterson Dan and Heather Rieber
Robert and Shely Thompson, left, with Stephanie and Matt Seebaum Melissa and Joe Schweid Debby and Gary Watkins John Buckley, left, with Jennifer Barksdale, Molly Janak, Westin Jarwe, Kay Lillrose and Dan Kieu
Tim Schierloh, left, with Stephanie Flint, Gloria Grenier, and Jeff Canaday Erin and Grant Walter Cary and Paul Larger Holly Gant, left, with Wendy Warnecke
Janelle Blessing, left, with Shannon Golden Scheubert and Jennifer Jones Buck and Janelle Blessing Bill and Gail Yates Amy and Ryan Sullivan
Annie and Gregory Dietmeier Sandra and Keefe Perkins James Wilson and Ashley Tiller Craig Fales and Angela Visconti
Steve and Janet Roark Cathey and Dick Finlon Kathleen and Mike Beatty Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld, left, with Molly Broeren and Bill Mosher
George and Carol Solich, left, with Audrey and Richard Kinsman Walter and Christie Isenberg Sue Waltermire, left, with Wendy Warnecke, Diane Kely, and Lesia Rehl Jame and Barbara Todd
Matthew Sanek, left, with Nathan Sanek Kevin Mullen, left, with Michelle Miller, Laura Quintana and Kristen and Brad Charlton Lynn and Gary Abrahamson Sara Wilson, left, with Amy Dixon, Anne Mayer, and Lorie Gordon
Shauna Newell and David Taeb Trey and Linda Nobles Jay and Pam Jenner William Matthews and Laura Barton
Robert and Heather Leja, left, with Eric and Diane Vaughn Michael and Trish Ditch, left, wth Cindy and Mike Solich Kelly and Bill Mueldener Stacey and Del Williams
Elizabeth and Lee Johnston Gary and Deb Koldyke Jamie Bownton and Jennifer Bruny Frank Mufic and Tina Garbin
Gala Chairs Bridget and John Grier welcome audience with 2012 Children's Hospital Ambassadors Leticia Frye, auctioneer Craig Ferguson tickled Denver's funny bone Craig Ferguson donated his fee back to the Foundation
Craig Ferguson had people rolling in the aisles. Iluminate DJ Casey Connor  
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