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January, 26 2013 - Civic Center: A Park for All Seasons

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Eric and Leah Lazzari Steve Dudzik, left, and Lisa Brownworth Beth Cleveland, left, and Brittany Beaudry Marlene Wenk and Dick Farley
Theresa Wardon, left, with Katie Maguire Susan Hagar, left, with Matt and Erin Nerem Stockton Baker and Bridget Fisher Jennifer Lewis and Jason Haggar
Michael and Cassie Sheehan Board Treasurer Ferd Belz, left, and City Council member Susan Shepherd Cindy Fournier, left, and Karen Taylor Kevin and Mimi Castelo
Ralph and Debbie Pace Devon O'Donnell, left, and Brad Stevenson Rich and Stephanie Kline Bradley Joseph, left, and Jeremy Bronson
Jimmy Nguyen, left, and Jeff Eastman Michael and Rhonda Maas Amy Covell and Art Ellsworth State historical preservation officer Ed Nichols and Meg Nichols
Paul Hultin, left, with board member Marvin Wilkinson Susan and Howard Noble Melanie Pearlman, left, with Scott and Ginnie Eldredge Betsy and Dennis Cheroutes
John and Stephanie Flanigan Daricehen Ritze and Tim Habib Art Ellsworth, left, with board member Marvin Wilkinson Sarie and Kevin Patterson
Nan and Dave Anderson Jason Lent and Executive Director Lindy Eichenbaum Lent Jack and Barbara Henderson Rich D'Ambrosio and Joan Fritsche
Liz Orr and Bill Wenk Board member Dennis Humphries and Dana Crawford Katie and Danny Maguire Jan Cortez and Bradley Joseph
Whitney Chotin Wolz, left, with Jane Fruchtman and Robin Chotin Brian and Amy Stein Elizabeth Schlosser and Charlie Jordan Board member Vicki Sterling, left, with Jerry Glick
Ginny DuBrucq, left, with Kathleen Beatty and Mike Beatty David Tryba, left, with Hope Connors, Ed Connors and Stephanie Tryba Eric Halborg and Noelle Riccardella Michelle Sie Whitten, left, with Tom Whitten and Gala Co-Chair Yvette Frampton
John Madden, left, with Ann Riley, Ron Riley and Susan Madden Eric Halborg, left, with Noelle Riccardella, Suzanne Brown and City Council member Charlie Brown Genia Larson, left, with City Council member Chris Herndon Debi Brooks, left, with Kelly James
Paul Hultin, left, with Peter Wurzburger and Gala Co-Chair Richard Asarch, M.D. City Council member Albus Brooks, left, with Steve Katich Erin Trapp, left, with Bobbi Walker, Mayor Michael B. Hancock and Erin Mewhinney Lisa Cook, left, with Molly Gilford
Gala Co-Chair Richard Asarch, M.D. (left), with Evi and Evan Makovsky Master of ceremonies Neil Saffer Conservancy founder and Gala Co-Chair Elaine Asarch Mayor Michael B. Hancock extols the virtues of Civic Center Park
Neil Saffer, left, with Trisha Saffer and Mayor Michael B. Hancock Civic Center Conservancy Executive Director Lindy Eichenbaum Lent addresses the audience A performance by The Company Men capped off the night. The Los Angeles-based group sang a mix of old and new hits.
The choreographed routine lasted about 30 minutes. A group of attendees responded to the performance with enthusiasm. A couple dances to the music Robin Smith, left, with Jeff Smith, Art Ellsworth, board member Marvin Wilkerson and internationally-renowned artist Ricardo Mazal
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