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February, 07 2013 - Small Plates Big Heart serves up delicious dishes

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Paul Egan, left, with Dave Zinger and Ray Nutt Co-Chairs Michelle and Mark Cannon Jim Lambatos, left, with Michael Blaine and Michael Carrozza with Ivy at the Glenn Brooke Webb, left, with Jeptha Sheene with Mesa Park Vineyards
John and Birdie Balistreri with Balistreri Vineyards Tim Meyers, left, with Jules and Daryl Hockstra with Strange Brewery Infinity Park Event center was alive with sights and smells Decorative centerpieces at the event
Kathryn Ostlund, left, with Pamela Pilarcik Wendy Hulse, left, with Cathy Hyans, and Michele Clem Aimee O'Malley, left, with Christa Silverlake and Erica Black Kacy Adams, left, with Jessica Whitney
Hannah Yoon and Jeffery Webb with Il Posto Amanda Burnett and Nate Nelson Colorful auction items at the event Silver Oak Wine, one of the live auction items
Tom Mustin, CBS4, left, with Ray Nutt Carol McNealy, left, with Paul Zueger Bert van de Flier, Dixie van de Flier Davis, Mary and Warren Washington Samplings from the various tables
Brian O'Brien and Andrea Pitman Gabriel Mervine Quartet performs jazz throughout the night A packed room as attendees enjoy the night Michael Coughlin with 240 Union is interviewed by Tom Mustin
Delicious plates are offered by the Coral Room Decorated plates by children on display at the event Tom Mustin interviews Jon Haverland of Coral Room Bob Bardwell and Booke McMaken
Pam and David Kiker Small Plates, Big Heart Jeffery Webb intervied by Tom Mustin Jim and Andi Renshaw, left, with Laura Fick
Wine bottle grab bags for donations Matthew Luisier and Rebecca Beese Leo Harvey and Rollie James of Jezebel's  
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