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March, 14 2013 - Heart & Soul of JDS

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Honoree Amy Toltz-Miller, center, with sons Jake, Max and husband Howard Miller with friend Ava Meyer Julia, Alana and Ellie with their parents, honorees Lisa and Jonathan Perlmutter Head of School Avi with Rayna Halzel Denver Jewish Day School mascot Mogee the Tiger, greets on and all
David Brown with Arthur Hiller Bob and Diane Cohn with Board Chair Lisa Reckler Cohn and Henry Cohn Renee Reckler joins Bob, Diane, Lisa and Henry Dr. Tashof Bernton with Rich Cohn
Lisa Reckler Cohn with Rich Cohn Lisa, Kacie and Daniel Sturman with Julia and Ellie Perlmutter Josh and Elanna Lozow Craig and Beverly Carlson
Marcy Balogh, Laurie Morris and Marilyn Bogen Phil and Nancy Shapiro Wendy and Amy Berenbaum with Deven Schad, Rabbi “T” and Elana from Aish Congregation Donald and Henny Kaufman
Frank and Tilly Pelz Art Hiller, Murial Brown, Rachel Bernstein and Bambol Panisch Philanthropist Larry Mizel with Senator Joyce Foster Kelli Theis with Rabbi Ben Greenberg, BMH-BJ congregation
Paula Arnold with Lisa Cook The Denver Jewish Day School Glee Club joins Mogee for a photo op Marla Brown with Florence and Lisa Radetsky and Susan Rubel The theme of Heart and Soul covered the tables in the dinning hall
Robert and Susan Rubel Ben and Sheryl Last Stephanie Zwiers with Tony Pizzichini Daniel and Kacie Sturman
Sue and Allied Jewish Federation's Doug Seserman Lisa Reckler Cohn with Avi Halzel Children of and perhaps future DJDS honorees The Heart and Soul of Denver Jewish learning
Board Chair Lisa Reckler Cohn adds Mistress of Ceremonies to her many hats Everyone stands when the DJDS Glee Club sings the Star Spangled Banner Rabbi Bruce Dollin, Hebrew Educational Alliance speaks the invocation Lisa shares her son’s depiction of Moses and the Ten Commandments
Jake and Max Miller talk about their mom Avi Halzel presents the Star of David Award to Amy Toltz-Miller Head of School Avi Halzel shares some thoughts on DJDS Lisa speaks a little about honorees Marla & David Brown
Marla and David’s daughters tell a little about their mom and dad Marla and David Brown receive the Neshamah Yeteirah Award Lisa and Jonathan Perlmutter are joined by their family to receive the Neshamah Yeteirah Award Keynote speaker Alyssa Wasko praises her Denver Jewish Day School education
Alyssa Wasko with Lisa Reckler Cohn The ever popular Heads or Tails auction Live auction donor Dr. Lawrence Spivack with his fiancé Lisa Williams DJDS Development Director, Krista Boscoe lends a hand with the live auction
Auctioneer Jake Beaber, Dance Trax Productions Mark and Leslie Sidel Howard Miller with David Edelstein Jennifer Dechtman with Lisa Reckler Cohn
Rayna Halzel, Sheryl Feiler, Krista Boscoe, Elaine Kauffman and Ellen Robinson      
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