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April, 20 2013 - Pearls at the Palace: An elegant and inspiring tribute to all those who live with Epilepsy

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L to R: Lori Young, Rob Conaway, Brooke Gordon, Leslie Stretos L to R: Richard Bush, Gloria Messier, Brad Lauffer, Carrie Grimm Jasmine Vaughan, Steve Stratos (father & daughter) L to R: Evan Carbotti, Gian Russo, Jordan Carbotti
Syd Sexton, Jaylene Smith Chris & Dana Stehno Exec. Dir. Gail Pundsack, Mike Dailey of the Aurora PD Board member and instrumental supporter Craig Fleishman, Linda Christie-Horn
Lena Gaydman, Garrett Giann L to R: Steve Shapiro, Mona & Bob Heiserman Roberta & Bill Fishman L to R: Greg & Tania Bonshelle, Rossana & Doug Neil
Michael & Jill Lipfield L to R: Cheryl & Michael Porter, Amy & Jon Bentz Jamey Ross, Greg Ross L to R: Camille & Bob Pinkerton, Chris & Andy Carrington
Kate Petrocco; her father, Jerry Rafferty David & Kate Petrocco (event chair) L to R: Lizzie Gouin, Noreen O'Connor, Eileen Rafferty, Alice Tiritas Chris Bernard, Alejandra Harvey
L to R: John & Lisa Marie Maxson, David Jensen Heath & Amy Copeland Katie & Craig Rintoul L to R: Carrie Grimm, Mark Spitz, Kirsten Nielsen, Brad Lauffer
L to R: Kent & Linda Spaehler, Debbie & Ron Pagu Bob & Genie Enders Brian & Carol Tasler Ellie Lord, Allison Arbour
Ellie Lord, Allison Arbour Ruediger & Kirsten Bracht L to R: Marcia Forman (committee), Jeff Kingsbury, Candice (committee) & Ryan Palazzo Larry & Claire Deaton
L to R: Marcia Forman, Gail Pundsack, Steve Franzen, president of board L to R; John Burstein, Tom Gordon (honorary chair), Jenna Burstein L to R: Kathy Ashenfelter, Brooke Gordon (honorary chair), Carol Ciluffo L to R: Tracy Murray (committee), Bruce Brown, Erin May
Brenda & Peter Plowshay Cynthia Anderson, Julie Hutchison L to R: Paul Swanno, Rosanne Post, Kelley Swanno L to R: David Fox, Kelly Knupp, Chelsey Stillman, Jean Milholland
The ballroom was beautifully decorated. Mingling before sit down dinner and program began. Auction item, "Brown Bear," by Andree Hudson Big bountiful baskets
Party time basket Osters and pearls go together Yay, Rockies! Obie & Whitney Ariss
Kim Meyers, Kearin Schulte Andy Carrington, Scott Bainbridge Mykaela & Laura Johnson L to R: Phyl Johnson, Carol Wolf, Vee Lew
L to R: Jason & Alison Brainard, Sara O'Neill Photo booth was a hoot. Chris Michaelsen, McKenzie Otto L to R: Laura Johnson, Jennifer Houston, Angela Herrera, Larissa Spear The night was about finding a cure.
Dinner at the Brown Palace L to R: Jacci Bainbridge, Chantal O'Brien, Carol Ciluffo Emcee - Kyle Clark Kyle drawing for the winner of the Pearls of the Palace, necklace and earrings from Oster Jewelers
Kate Petrocco started the program Gail Pundsack & Kate Petrocco Brooke Gordon, honorary chair of the event L to R: Jennifer Longtin, Andrew Gillespie, Jordan Hattig, Kasey Rudder
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