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April, 12 2013 - Little Hearts Luncheon and Fashion Show

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Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum was a new venue this year for the show. A look inside the museum A closeup of a table setting Guests were bidding on auction items early and often.
Kristy Wolter-Warmerdam, left, with Ian Warmerdam and Kim Spratt Vickinda Dinnel, left, with Lisa Dietel Tracy Giles, left, with Mary Nabers Vicki and Josh Ogden
Esther Carpenter, left, with Deborah Mueller, Mary Lynn Rector and Donna Herz Linda Besler, left, with Deez Proffitt Mary Jane Wood, left, with Julie, Patty and Todd Bigner Carla Robertson, left, with Lori Kozuba, Mary Amen, K.K. Hightshoe, Carrie Brown and Nikki Lovinger
Carrie Brown, left, with Nikki Lovinger Derrick Rouen, left, with Jody Edmonson and Jim Hanson Bertha Haugen, left, with Kali Smith Betty Brightwell, left, with Nancy Haldi and Helga Ragsdale
Ann Jordan, left, with Cristen Calamari and Valerie Thisted Jeff Darst, left, with John and Seema Hess and Dr. Dunbar Ivy Laura Daily, left, with Sharon Downing and Donna Basile Karen Crager, left, with Bonnie Seidel
Kennedy, left, with Lloyd Lewis Erick Martinez, left, with Kennedy and Lloyd Lewis Fredi Novin, left, with Leslie Schaeffer and Patsy Hunt Jim and Katie Fraley
Peter and Cristin Calamari Frances Owens, left, with Louise Vaughn, Maria Tovar, Kristie Gamboa, Erick Martinez and Lloyd Lewis Guests seated beside museum aircraft Louise Richardson, left, with Lynn Dalton and Robyn Roggensack
Susan, Nicholas, Carol and Matt Gebhardt Sharon Gelt, left, with Jo Ann Jordan, Jackie Rotole, Vickie Dow and Kristina Davidson Sharon McMeel, left, with Steve Winesett (President of the Foundation) and Martine Hyland Board member Molly Broeren, left, with Joe Gebhardft and Jacque Gebhardt
Chaplain Claudia Schmitt gives the blessing Kim Cristiansen, 9News anchor, welcomes the guests Lyn Schaffer greets attendees Kim Christiansen talks to the crowd
Dr. James Jaggers talks about inspiring patients Dr. Dunbar Ivy talks about the Heart Institute at Children's Hospital Colorado Dr. Michael Schaffer announces the winner of the Sam and Fern Primack Award Melony White escorts Cardiac Kid Hadley down the runway
Max Mitchell escorts John Sydney skips down the runway with Glory Weisberg Joseph and Dr. Michael Schaffer prepare to strut down the runway Frances Owens escorts Cardiac Kid Ryan and prescription pet Wesley
Dr. Dunbar Ivy escorts Carter down the runway Rivers and her brother Sean walk down the runway Aideen is escorted by Christina Ravazzolo Emily Zimmer walks with Kyndal
Joanne Davidson walks with Nora and prescription pet Maxwell Alex walks with a firefighter Abby is accompanied by two firefighters Kennedy walks with Lloyd Lewis
Michelle Davidson walks with Lily Robert Stafford accompanies Eden as she walks Gracie Tanner walks with Keri Christiansen Alexa is accompanied by two firefighters
Derrick Rouen escorts Jackson along with a firefighter Greg Ruzicka escorts Kaitlyn Thomas shows his lacrosse skills Aspen is accompanied by two firefighters
Jeff Darst escorts Xavier Ashley is escorted by two firefighters Wyatt walks with a fire fighter and Prescription Pet Cormac Laura Rang walks with Hope
Ian walks with a firefighter Kennedy walks with Dr. Jim Jaggers Sam and Fern Primack Award winner, Dr. Karrie Villavicencio arrives to accept her award Fashion show finale
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