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April, 12 2013 - DSST Public Schools: Slice of Pi

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The Annual Slice of Pi event was held at Stapleton High School. The pride of students and parents regarding the success of the DSST was evident. Happy Cakes provided miniature cupcakes for dessert. The guests had an opportunity to see student work throughout the school.
A selection of hors d'oeuvres were provided by Gourmet Fine Catering. Dan and Tiffany Smink Barbara and Norwood Robb (left) with Andy Mendrop Jandice Lander (left) with Ann Hennessy, MiDian Holmes, and Ty Hall
Janet Lopez (left) with Sean and Jenna VanBerschot Meagan Dorsch (left) with Jenny Meyer The cycling group showed off the physics of cycling: from left, Jose Delgado, Eric Partida, Geovani Castillo, Nicholas Wilder, Jeremy Wickenheiser, David Dolata, Mustafa Mobaraz, and MyKaela Johnson Miriam Bonilla (left) and Gabriela Tomita make 'O wings' during the Slice of PI student demonstrations
Fiona Quiban demonstrated the Gas Laws through three experiments Gabriela Dulanto demonstrated how table sugar can be turned into carbon Todd Munkhtsetseg demonstrated 'elephant toothpaste,' a chemical reaction that creates lots of pink foam Andrei Kutateladze with Student Ambassador Temesgen Adumer
Socorro Sandoval, a 9th grader at DSST, demonstrated the catapults his class made Eliza Stein demonstrates how her senior project examined models of human migration using slime mold Bradlee Cotton shows off her river and dam model, through which she demonstrates the effects of dams on water flow and damage to trees Brian Cox shows his electric guitar, which he made from scratch for his senior project
Thanks to all of the generous sponsors and guests at this year's Slice of Pi, DSST raised over $750,000. The DSST 'brute force' 2240 robot in action Grant Hill stands in front of a poster of the 'brute force' team 2240 robot Dan Wilkerson with Sandra Scanlon
Cierra Lewis (left) with Denise Suarez and LaLeobe Olaka Middle schoolers Quinten Brauer, Elijah Hawat and Aidan Rattray demonstrate their robot model Chelsea Middaugh (left), Olivia Gross, Emily Gross, Beth Gilgenbach, and Eric Weissman Steve Halstedt (left), Judy Weingarten and Mitch Morrissey
Jay Busch (left) with Bunnie Busch and Dr. John C Malone Scott Sampson (left) with George Sparks and Cathy Carpenter-Dea Meg and Dean Yoder enjoyed perusing the student demonstrations David Greenberg (left) with Suzanne and John Baron
The 'Wishing Wall' contained a series of items the students have requested, and gave guests an opportunity to make those dreams come true Jeff Osborne holds baby Oliver Greg and Usha Anderson Wahid Enayat, left, with Balan Nair
Maggie Morrissey, left, with Steve McConahey Dan and Sherry Leach LeeAnn Reitzig (left), Brooke Brown and Sis Carroll Gourmet Fine Catering and Happy Cakes teamed up to provide the evening's refreshments.
The miniature cupcakes were delightful, though one guest wished she had indulged before trying the student demonstration 'Neuroscience of taste,' which featured a chemical that blocks sweet tastes for an hour! DSST Board Chairman Steve Halstedt welcomed guests. Sean VanBerschot from Teach for America and Keith Evans from Kaiser Permanente thanked the evening's sponsors. Armando Catorena from Lockheed Martin gave remarks and introduced Terrance Bishop, a recent DSST graduate who completed an internship at Lockheed Martin.
Armando Castorena greets Terrance Bishop Terrance Bishop, a 2012 graduate of DSST, addressed the audience with his story of success, from when he began attending DSST and lacked many skills to his successful journey to attend college. CEO Bill Kurtz thanked all of the evening's guests for attending, and discussed the achievements and future of DSST Public Schools. Steve Halstedt welcomes Ken Salazar to the podium
Ken Salazar, who just retired earlier that day as Secretary of the Interior, accepted the honor on behalf of Governor John Hickenlooper. Bill Kurtz held a 'fireside chat' with Ken Salazar to ask him questions about his experience as Secretary of the Interior. DSST Ceo Bill Kurtz shows guests the DSST tie that will be given to Governor John Hickenlooper Tom Kaesemeyer talks with Ken Salazar at the end of the event
Anthony Sauls and Keith Evans from Kaiser Permanente      
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