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April, 12 2013 - KIPP: The Ultimate Night of Competition

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Greg Bellomo, left, with Christy Winkler, Ann Coatney and Brian Pool Nicole Siegel and Greg Marchese Fun table setting for the event Dana Menzel, left, with Nicole Walsh
Brittany Perkins and Jeremy O'Grady Footers Catering appetizers passed during the cocktail reception Seth Chused, left, with Sarah Hall, Lucy Chused and Chris Fulenwider Shelly Rule, left, with Ellen Grosso
Nina Lopez welcomes guests Nina Lopez welcomes guests Susie Roh, left, with Andrew Petrick and George Pennock Mark Davidson, left, with Andy Seth
Trevor and Stacy Hursh Sean Ribble, left, with Tera Venson, Jamie Tafoya and Joe Fortua Calvin Hamler, left, with Vanessa Giacoman, Kim Harrington and Eric Kimberling Nina Lopez, left, with Katy Anthes
Erik and Sheila Schmidt, left, with Katie and Stan Mohler Amanda and Chase Boswell Elizabeth Johnston, left, with Marcie Prokupek Jeanie and Stephen Water
Amy Dewberry, left, with Charlene Sevilla Creative centerpieces on cocktail tables on the second floor Nancy and Mike Olson Pierzchala Lucy Ana Walton and Ben Walton
Sam and Robin Salvagio Catherine Boe and Rob Withers The Cable Center at DU Mandy and Phil Kao, left, with Eric and Colleen Foster and John Blood
Jean De la Mata and Michael Wilson Kristin Stork, left, with Brandon Tabata and Julie Krogh Allen and Nancy Walters Dale and Gretchen Shaffer
Bruce Siegel, left, with Kurt Pusch, Nick Bucy and Danielle D'Ascenzo Main display at the Cable Center Regina Drexler, left, with Lyle Wallace, Michael Bercovitz and Kristin Pineiro Stunning event venue- The Cable Center at DU
The KIPP:Colorado Tigers perform The drum line sets the mood of the event Rapt attention is paid to the students KIPP students sing along to popular tunes
The event begins with student co-hosts Alexis Flores introduces speakers State Senator Michael Johnston explains the importance of KIPP:Colorado  
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