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April, 15 2013 - Goodwill's 17th Annual Power of Work Luncheon

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The ballroom at the Marriott City Center was the site of the 17th annual Goodwill Power of Work luncheon. Guests began their luncheon with a mixed green tossed salad, with cucumbers, black olives, feta cheese, golden beets, walnuts and a choice of buttermilk ranch dressing or basil mustard vinaigrette. A slice of apple or peach pie with a dollop of whipped cream and fresh strawberries made for a sweet ending to the luncheon. Hillary Prag (left) poses with Daisy Jo Weaver, Pamela Prag, and 2013 Family Strengthening Award winner Yayal Yohannes
Lorri Sleeth (left) with Besty Williams and Jen Beam Bob Hamilton (left) with Sophie and Bob Oglesby Bob Lyons (left) with David Townsend and Randy Maxon Bob Lyons (left) with David Townsend, Dave Asman, Randy Maxon and Quint Brown
Beautiful floral arrangements decorated the tables. Lynn Montano and Pete Koury Andrew Hudson, keynote speaker and career expert (left) with Tom Athenour Christian Kalenga, recipient of the Bright Future Award
Kate Paul, President and CEO of Delta Dental of Colorado, with her husband Mike Passmore Mike Passmore (left) and Steve Coffin (right) with Kate Paul, recipient of the Community Leader Award Martin Enriquez (left) with Anastasia Darwish and Kevin Holst Christine Marquez-Hudson (left) with Karen Stran, both from Mi Casa, and Eddie Koen from Habitat for Humanity
Untraceable Talent enters the stage The Northglenn High School Step Team, Untraceable Talent, performed a series of step dances The key to the Step Team's 'music' is the beating of their black boots in unison on the stage The Untraceable Talent group were in perfect sync!
Emcee Cheryl Preheim welcomed guests to the luncheon, and kept the program on schedule Elena Sirpolaidis, CEO of EON Office, gave opening remarks Carrie Mesch, the board chair of Goodwill Industries, gave a moving speech about the contributions of outgoing President and CEO, Jesse Wolff Guests were encouraged to keep their cells phones on (set on silent) so that they could contribute to the live twitter feed, fed to the screen. Shown here is the live feed "Thanks Jesse!!"
Jesse Wolff and Carrie Mesch share a hug Jesse Wolff leaped up onto the stage to give his thanks and appreciation for his time as President and CEO of Goodwill Industries (and to demonstrate that he is not really ready to 'retire'!) Andrew Hudson gave a moving keynote speech about the difficulties facing the unemployed in today's job market, and how everyone can help those who are struggling and looking for work. John Kirke from IMA introduced the 2013 Community Leader Award recipient, Kate Paul
Kate Paul, President & CEO of Delta Dental, graciously accepted the Community Leader Award, and also educated the audience about how preventable childhood dental caries are. Carrie Mesch (right) presents Kate Paul with the Community Leader Award It is through the generosity of the Individual Award Sponsors that Goodwill Industries was able to present the four individual awards to the amazing recipients. The sponsors included LaserCycle USA, Marriott Denver City Center, Syntrinsic, and Delta Dental. A short video told of the struggle to find a job that Yayel Yohannes went through after immigrating to the United States, and how Goodwill Industries helped her find her calling and career
Yayel Yohannes arrived in the United States looking for a better future, but struggled to find work. Then, she was referred to the Goodwill Career Connection Center, where she received training to become a Birth Doula. Yayel Yohannes beams as she holds her Family Strengthening Award Bruce Deese is the recipient of the 2013 Inspiration Award. Through the GoodBikes program at Goodwill, Bruce was able to find meaningful work and his place as a beloved coworker. Bruce Deese is greeted by Carrie Mesch while GoodBikes coworker Nick Willis follows him up on to the stage
Bruce is a true inspiration, demonstrating what hard work and resolve can accomplish. Bruce Deese shows his award, presented by Carrie Mesch Nick Willis (left) with Bruce Deese, Inspiration Award recipient Christian Kalenga left behind a painful past when he came to the US from the Congo, including the loss of his parents. Through the Goodwill Youth Career Development Program, he was able to secure a Daniels Fund Scholarship to Colorado State University, where he is earning an education degree.
Christian Kalenga greets Carrie Mesch Christian Kalenga told guests how much of a difference Goodwill made in his life, as he was transformed from a youth who was discouraged from attending college into a scholarship recipient and CSU student. Carrie Mesch presents Christian Kalenga with the Bright Future Award Nancy Madrid, recipient of the 2013 Opportunity Award, turned her life around from one of addiction and abuse to a career with Goodwill Industries.
Nancy Madrid tells of how the job offer she received from Goodwill helped to turn her life around Nancy Madrid is presented with the Opportunity Award by Carrie Mesch The four individual award recipients for 2013 came together on the stage. From left, Christian Kalenga, Nancy Madrid, Yayel Yohannes, and Bruce Deese Nancy Madrid made an appeal to all luncheon guests to make a gift to support the fantastic work of Goodwill Industries, while emcee Cheryl Prehim, Board Chair Carrie Mesch, and the other three award recipients Christian Kalenga, Yayel Yohannes, and Bruce Deese look on
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