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May, 10 2013 - 12th Annual Mental Health Awareness Benefit Luncheon

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The Inverness Hotel & Conference Center Angela Romero, left, with Linda Martin and hand painted watering cans Jazz stylings Ed Mullaney, left, with Karen Clarke and Kevin McKinnon
Bucky Dilts with Bev Marquez and Monica Colbert Rhonda Moore, left, with Sandy Arellano, Sheriff Weaver, Michele Apodaca and Heidi Unhold Bucky Dilts with Jacy Conradt Kim and Michael Collins
Captain Attila Denes and Cory Denes Joan Facchinello, left, with Merilyn Handley Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network Mark Sanders with display
Katy Wilson with Dave Aguilera Board President Todd Helvig with Carla Velos Lora Thomas with Jack Hilbert Jason Kennedy, left, with Dan Makelkey
Carrie and Mario Harding The Summit Ballroom Maureen Batson, left, with Laura Murphy The check-in desk
Eric Moore, left, with Jay Ringhofer Dave Aguilera welcomes guests Table set with watering can centerpiece Joan DiMario speaks to the guests
Dave Aguilera, left, with Community Leader of the Year, Captain Attila Denes and Joan DiMario Todd Helvig talks about the importance of fundraising Barb Becker outlines the variety of programs presented by ADMHN Bucky Dilts talks about his experiences
Bucky Dilts emphasizes the importance of removing the stigma from mental illness Bucky Dilts and Dave Aguilera speak about the Denver Broncos watering can Debbie Stafford conducts an impromptu live auction Dave Aguilera holds the watering can being auctioned
Bucky Dilts confers with Debbie Stafford about the auction prize      
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