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June, 03 2013 - Golf and Build: 9th Annual Habitat Golf Classic Shines

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Scott Bates, Habitat Interfaith Alliance chair, with Melissa Jones Event coordinator Rob Ayers and Susie Wilensky Scott Bates, ready for action. (l to r): Brian Davis, Ryan Morris, Chris Trango and Josh Besant
(l to r): Corey Chyr, Oliver Loftus, Debbie Wright and Brendan Morse (l to r): Kevin Mattice, Andrea Harkins, Karen Karyn and Braiden Darley (l to r): Dave Kipper, Bill Connors, Rick Cowen and Jeff Opp (l to r): JP Kennedy, Joe Long, Trey Menees and Eric Roasales
(l to r): Eric and Michelle Young, with Carol and Don Davenport Front, with shark helmet: Michael Kingston; (back, l to r): Rick Shube, Mike Toussaint and David Budzinski One, two, three, four, five, six, seven...? Two almost-foursomes meet up on Hole 10. (l to r): Darby and Janeen Tucker, with Sheryl and Dan Shewman
Debbie Wright tees off. Posing on scenic No. 5 A resident swan on Hole No. 5 observes the morning's teeshots. Now seriously, folks...(l to r): Emory Samson, Robert Bram, Rob Glynn and Jeff Shaffer
(l to r): John Odell, Kim Rossi, Matt Hughes and Brian Smith (l to r): Zach Dougherty, Katie Boland, Becky Worrell and Andrea Levine Lisa Zabes (left) and Susie Wilensky relax on the patio. (l to r): Chris Phillips, Steve Erickson, Matthew Kaupp and Dave Hirsch
A small gaggle of geese take a gander at golfers. Steve O'Grady, Amy Hanophy, Don Plumley and Mark Zoltay Mary Anne Shube and Rob Oristaglio Socializing on the cart path
(l to r): Brandon Canfield, Jason Jarvis, Brandt Snedeker and Jamie Pobrislo Brian Patton and The Jets Jesse Bloom, of car sponsor H.M. Brown Trying out their possible hole-in-one prize (l to r): David Budzinski, Mike Toussaint, Rick Shube and Michael Kingston
Hole-in-one judges (and volunteers) Nancy Green and Gary McDonald Tables are set for the post-tournament luncheon. Rhonda Siegel models a necklace up for bid at the silent auction. Turning in their scores for the day (l to r): Dani Stang, Steve Faulkner, Scott Byrne and Howard Gertner
A pretty--and air-conditioned--luncheon awaits golfers. Scott Bates does a microphone check before the luncheon program.    
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