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June, 06 2013 - MHAC Hosts Legends of Rock Exhibit

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Dan Fong stands before some of his rare, never-before-released photos from his archives President and CEO Don Mares welcomes guests Don Mares talks about the importance of mental health awareness Board member Seth Belzley, left, Paul Wisor and Joe Hey
Kevin Ridley, left, Glenn Levinson and Andy Watson Hina Chow, left, LC Clayton (former security guard for Barry Fey), Linda Fong Dr. Larry Spivak, left, Lisa Williams, Celia Gause and Scott Gause Nancy Alterman and Mawr Ilic
Dan Fong chats with Marie Belew Wheatley A picture of Chuck Morris from circa 1975 by Dan Fong Firefall's Jock Bartley, left, with Al Neff, of 99.5 The Mountain Tammy Mathias, left, Christy Morris, Candace Matthews
Jim and Patricia Smith Kevin Ridley, left, Al Neff, Pete McKay Tyler Fong, Linda Fong, Stacy Newman A rare photo collage of Tommy Bolin by Dan Fong
David and Amanda Chaney, left, Jamie Gulick of MHAC Don Mares chats with Pam Stiffler Celia Gause, left, Kelley Fox and Anne Mounsey Katie Riley, left, Bryan Wait and Larry Spivak
Annie Cruse looks at some of the rock legend photos Dave Preston, left, and Clark Hagan Glo Nelson, left, Patty Chavez, Mike Kiska and Ada Claire, members of "Nearly There!" with Don Mares Caitlin and Jim Pagano with Dan Fong
Dan Fong and Don Mares work out some details Kevin Standbridge, left, Frank Kelley and Sharon Standbridge LC Clayton talks with some guests Board members Dyana Furmansky, left, and Brett Spurr and Pepi Spurr
Rich Ross, formerly of The Samples, with Jock Bartley of Firefall Remus Tucker and Jock Bartley sing some Firefall tunes and another tune that Jock wrote for mental health: "Call on Me." Dyana and Dr. Bert Furmansky Former Denver Bronco Bucky Dilts, left, talks with Don Mares
Dan Fong doing what he does best! Clark Hagan, left, and Rich Ross Alex Ferreira, left, and Jeffrey Rolf Steve Edmonds looks at some of the rock photos
A rare photo of Mick Jagger and Barry such as this are available from Dan Fong's website: Guests strolling down rock memory lane Megan Fong, left, with Ian Nelson and Tristan Nelson  
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