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June, 08 2013 - Wine and Swine: Clothes To Kids of Denver

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Infinite Monkey Theorem One of the most interesting event names: Wine and Swine Joyce Meyers is a co-founder of Clothes To Kids George Gastis (Member of the W&S Planning Committee) and Laura Lee Gastis
Julie Smith, Troy Smith, Kelli Vanboeschoten, Derek Vanboeschoten Paul and Kim Olstad Nancy DeNiro, Tim Root Taylor and Ken Powers
Katy and Greg Bante Diane and Charles Doehling Steve Butler, Joe Riegel Xerxes and Lilly Steirer
Tom and Jody Ryan Luke and Melanie Rylander Leslie Newell, Jeanne Surbrugg David and Hannah Scudder
Marcelo Balboa, Lissa Brocker Kim and Derrol Moorhead. Derrol serves as the Marketing Chair on the Board. Jo Ann Wickens (Wine and Swine Planning Committee Chair and Board Development Chair), Jennie Hughes, Tim Jenson Carlie Duncan, Ryan Grundy
Marty Frank, Lesa Butler (Co-Founder) Lesa Butler and Mary Overington are both co-founders of Clothes To Kids Randi Lewis is the Board President-Elect of Clothes To Kids. Pearl Meulemans, Sharon Walsh, Emily Echtenkamp
Lesa Butler, Kelly Root (Wine and Swine Auction Chair) Ian Hunter, Rob Coulter, Micha Guild, Neil Coulter Ian and Candice Hunter Joyce Meyers, Jo Ann Wickens
Jeff McBride,Kathleen McBride, Patty McBride Rich Jennings, Lesley Jennings (Board Member), Charlette Fleming, Walker Fleming Ryan Wickens, Toni Gentleman, Chip Wickens Jake Norton, Susan Gold, Ed Norton, Wende Valentine
Laura Yanoviak, Peter and Haley Harnisch Molly Merrill, Craig Hakes Diane Wine, Marilyn May Diane Wine, Carol Gill (Board and W&S Planning Committee Member)
Julie Bussey, Joyce Meyers Joe Reigel, Chris and Bob Chase Marc and Vicki Carpenter Marko and Maya Bunik Babiak
Jeanne Surbrugg, Lesa Butler, Kim Olstad Reginald and Meredith Halstead (Board Member) Michelle Barton, Donna Blythe Joyce Meyers with Reginald and Meredith Halstead
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