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May, 24 2001 - Chatting withDebbie Reynoldsand Carrie Fisher

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Debbie Reynolds, 69, grew up poor but happy in El Paso, Texas. Her mother made her gown for her first Academy Awards appearance. She has had three husbands, two children, and a busy career, all of which she covered in a freewheeling discussion at the Hyatt Regency with her daughter, actress and writer Carrie Fisher. Mom Debbie Reynolds and daughter, 44-year-old Carrie Fisher. “We were both fortunate to be in two legendary films – “Singing in the Rain” and “Star Wars,”’ said Debbie. Carrie Fisher began experiencing wild mood swings and severe depression around the age of 13. It was the onset of a disorder called manic depression, or bi-polar disease. “I hate that name,” said Carrie. “It sounds like something Arctic.” Today, she writes and is the mother of a 9-year-old daughter. She takes five medications daily to control her disease. “I’m so sorry I had this poor taste in men,” said Debbie, referring to her three ex-husbands. She still carries guilt about how those relationships impacted her children.
Denver’s Unsinkable Irene Zarlengo, trademark champagne in hand. Irene and Diana Murdy chaired the event. From left, Wilma Zellitti, Mary Moore, Marti Waneka, Jody Amnacito and Pat Iamnacito. Jody is the historian for the VOA Guild. From left, VOA Guild supporters Vicki Meyhren, Jamie Angelich and Ellen Hahn From left, Lorraine Smith, Victoria Sargent and Magrit Brinker.
From left, Carol Piserchio, June Evans and Willa Saalwaechter.
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