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September, 13 2003 - Thousands of Children can IMAGINE a Difference

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Corporate Committe member Wayne Berger with his wife Debra and daughter Sarah Dinner Chairs Steve and Cindy Farber pose with good friend Lionel Richie and comedian/actress Caroline Rhea. Steve is also a board member of the Children's Hospital Foundation. An Isenberg family portrait. Gala Chairs Walter and Christie with daughter Nicole, a gala committee member. Alexis Kiechlin shakes hands with Miles
Matt, Stephanie and Tanner Seebaum Dwight, Julie and Lauren Proctor Brittney Duley gets a hug from Lionel Richie before the show David, Julia and Olivia Murrow
Kelsey, Pat and John Bohman, left, pose with the Kiechlin family; Alexis, Sheila and Brian Shauna, Craig and Taylor Duell Brittney, Louisa and Sean Duley Taking a moment to smile for the camera during the VIP reception
Braxton, Kathy and Tom Elliott David and Jill Heap pose with Jacque Beatty and Sharon Gelo-Nelson. Jill is Vice President at the Bank of Cherry Creek and was on the Corporate Committee. Patricia Barela Rivera with Chris Meza, left, and Douglas Kerbs Tom and Carol Barnett
Bennett, center, gets a group-hug from Miles and Landon Joy Johnson and her daughter Vivian Carlson President and CEO of the Children's Hospital Foundation Steve Winesett and wife Kim, pose with comedian and actress Caroline Rhea and Lionel Richie, five-time Grammy winner President and CEO of The Children's Hospital Dori Biester, PhD, RN and John Faught
Children's Hospital Foundation board member Rich and Holly Kylberg. Holly wore a custom-made, floor length white David Rodriguez gown, held in the back with a crystal and pearl chain. Children's Hospital board member Thomas and Mary Ellen Williams, left, with Marcy and Bruce Benson. Marcy is a board member at Children's Hospital and a board trustee of the Foundation. Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld First Lady Frances Owens and daughter Monica pose with good friend Carolyn Fancher
Corporate Chairs Scott and Virginia Reiman, left, with good friends and neighbors Holly and Chris Aymund. Virginia is on the board of trustees for the Children's Hospital Foundation. Mike Branham and Betsy Searle Children's Hospital Foundation board member Joy Johnson and daughter Vivian, pose with Caroline Rhea and Lionel Richie The Isenbergs with Caroline Rhea during the VIP reception
Lyn Schaffer, left, with Dr. Dave and Char Campbell 2002 Gala Chair Joy Johnson and co-chair Vivian Carlson pose with Douglas Kerbs, Director of Tiffany & Co., Denver Blair and Kristin Richardson, left, with Phil and Andrea Gray. The Richardsons hosted the gala patron party. Juan and Cheryl Solano, left, with Doug and Shawnee Knight
Holly Kylberg, Andrea Gray, Iris Smith and Cindy Farber Dori Biester, PhD, RN, President and CEO of The Children's Hospital, with Steve Winesett, President and CEO of The Children's Hospital Foundation, left, and Don Elliman of Kroenke Sports Enterprises, chair of the Foundation board and co-chair of the “Imagine the Miracles" campaign Lissa Moon, left, and Leslie McKay, Children's Hospital Foundation Special Events Director Girls just wanna have fun...and a photo op with Caroline Rhea. Jean Kadera, left, Tiffany Smith, Marilyn Germanson, Ashley Wike, Vanessa Coakley and Corey Everett got their wish!
Caroline Rhea demonstrates the "art" of getting a group of children to smile...and to giggle uncontrollably! Caroline Rhea and Nicole Isenberg, center, pose with the Ambassador children. From left, in front, Alexis Kiechlin, Tanner Seebaum, Olivia Murrow and Lauren Proctor. Second row, from left, Taylor Duell, Kelsey Bohman, Jasmine Davis and Eric Rhoades. Missing from the photo are Brittney Duley and Rebecca Lockler. Children's Hospital board member Thomas Williams, left, with Marlene Lindberg and Dan Queen Michael and Deb Pasquarella, left, with Eddie and Susan Robinson
PR gals Stefanie Clarke of Virgo Communications, left, and Lara Salazar of Charney Bergner & Holdren David Alexander, left, Ken Geist, Karsten Riggs and Brandt Wilkins. Ken and Karsten are with Sage Hospitality Resources, one of the Imagine Sponsors. K.C. and Kelly Gallagher Michael and Pamela O'Neal with Douglas Kerbs
Children's Hospital Foundation trustee Walter and Christie Isenberg with Walt and Georgia Imhoff Dick Saunders, Joanie McGrath, left, with Dean of the School of Dentistry Howard Landesman and his wife Lynne Corporate Committee member David and Bonnie Mandarich of MDC Holdings, Inc., catch up with friends "Imagine" the possibilities...the gala raised just over $1.6 million for the new Children's Hospital
Gail and George Johnson raise their glasses in a toast to the success of the gala Over 3,500 red "Rouge Brassiere" roses were used to decorate the Convention Center for the 2003 "Imagine" gala. Here, a clever use for the extra petals…frozen in blocks of ice. Stefanie Clarke and Jewelry Designer Carla Morrison, both wearing Carla's designs Media gals KCNC News4's Elaine Torres and Anne Trujillo co-anchor of 7NEWS
Mike Hommell rode away with this 1200 RC Cruiser Beemer, donated by Wayne Berger, for $8,500 Erica Ferrero and the "Chad" Brother and sister team, Diane and Josh Hanfling Caroline Rhea joked with guests, "Wow, there are over 1,800 people in this there any room to breathe?"
Dori Biester shared Brittney's history. She was born 13 years ago with a tumor in her chest, requiring the oncology and cardiology departments to collaborate on her treatment. Brittney Duley sang her heart out, performing Shania Twain's "From This Moment" As the Ambassador children lined up on stage to talk with Caroline Rhea, so did the parents, on the ballroom floor, cameras posed to capture the moment Olivia Murrow received a new heart last year and wrote a book about the experience, titled Olivia, Anything but Ordinary.
Kelsey Bohman and Tanner Seebaum are both oncology patients at Children's. Kelsey describes the basket-making program for the bone marrow transplant patients. Looking very dapper in his tuxedo, Tanner Seebaum, tells Caroline that he loves the hospital food and that pancakes are his favorite. Jasmine Davis visits the Hematology clinic once a month to be treated for sickle cell disease. She told Caroline that she wanted to be an actress on the show Sister, Sister. "Well, I'll have my agent call your agent and we'll see what we can do!" quipped caroline. Lauren Proctor spoke about her dog named Fred and her white pony, Azra
Alexis Kiechlin is seen by multiple departments for spina bifida. When Caroline asked her about her favorite color, Alexis whispered, "Yellow." Taylor Duell tells Caroline about his trip in a Flight for Life helicopter, after he fell playing basketball Eric Rhoades shows off photos of his new liver that he got at Children's. "Gee, I am glad we're not having liver for dinner tonight!" joked Caroline. Rebecca Lockler and Caroline talk like long-time friends. That's because Rebecca spent her 8th birthday as a guest on Caroline's talk show.
Rebecca, dressed to the nines in her white feather boa, wowed the guests with her talents, singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Caroline was touched when Rebecca announced, "This song was dedicated to you because I love you." Kirk McDonald, President and CEO of the Denver Newspaper Agency. During their partnership with the Children's Hospital, Post-News Charities, in partnership with the McCormick Tribune Foundation, has provided more than $570,000 in grants for the hospital. "We are very proud of that number, and of the fact that it will grow again," Kirk told the guests. Gala co-chair Christie Isenberg designed the larger-than-life black wrought iron chandeliers, decorated with red ribbon, roses, greenery and candles, that were suspended from the ceiling of the Convention Center, along with hundreds of little white lights.
Lionel Richie took a moment with the Isenberg's before hitting the stage Rebecca and Jasmine croon along with the five-time Grammy winner Brittney Duley sings duet Lionel and the Ambassador children wowed the crowd with "Endless Love." “I have never sung this song as an ‘eleven-et’ or whatever you call all eleven of us singing together,” Lionel joked.
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