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September, 30 2003 - Adoption Exchange Goes on a Wild Safari

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Attorney Walter Gerash, Honoree Dr. Dixie van de Flier Davis, Bert van de Flier and good friend Mary Sullivan, who flew in from Northern Virginia to surprise Dixie. Mary was the Associate Director at The Adoption Exchange from 1989-1995. Tim Grant "the giraffe" and Cory Gilstrap "the parrot" greeted guests as they arrived at the Safari Fantasy Ball for the Adoption Exchange Lew and Cathey Hansen, left, Todd Blakely and David Zinger, Chairman of the Board of The Adoption Exchange Ladies in leopard...Shante and mom Diane Simpson. Shante is a member of The Adoption Exchange Jr. Board.
Dinner chair Liz Smith, right, with dinner co-chairs Pam Kiker, left, and Linda Rankin Wayne Vaughan, left, Emily Potisk and J Jackson are members of The Adoption Exchange Jr. Board Marlene and Ben Krell. Board member Marlene played "auctioneer" and faised funds for 10 "Adoption Matching Parties," at $1,000 each. Bill Stuart of CBS 4 poses with Honoree Dr. Dixie van de Flier Davis and her husband Bert van de Flier
Larry and Jill DiPasquale, 2002 honorees Richard Hess, left, with Dr. Tom and Susan Larkin. Both Richard and Susan are board members. Tony and Debbie Carnesi, left, Trisha Moore and Chris Kiker with David Eaton outside the Wildlife Experience Walt and Shelly DeHaven, left, with Auctioneer Norm Early. Walt is the VP/General Manager of CBS 4.
Mary and Warren Washington, left, with Alice Tower and Judi Nolta, Dixie van de Flier Davis' sister Longtime supporters of The Adoption Exchange, Pam and David Kiker Michelle and Greg Karl, left, with Karen and Brian Koonsvitsky. Greg is the GM for Epicurean Catering at INVESCO Field at Mile High and donated a package to the live auction. Gregg Parker and Libby Weaver, left, with Nastassja, Spencer and Ron Zappolo
Gary Schwedt, left, Dave Aylmer and Michael Pasquarella Joe and Leigh Mitchell, center, pose with steering committee member Sally and David Armitage Julie Naus, left, and Sandy Nye checked out the silent auction selections Walt DeHaven, left, Ed Crony and Dan Diamond
Katherine Razum with The Adoption Exchange, left, poses with her sister Patricia Jacobsen Emily Potisk with her mom Jane Rice. They were celebrating also because Jane adopted Emily 20 years ago through The Adoption Exchange. Honorary Chairman Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, left, with Dr. Dixie van de Flier Davis, Executive Director, Bert van de Flier and David Zinger, Chairman of the Board of The Adoption Exchange Sally and David Armitage were ready to head off on a safari. Sally is wearing the "Sardegna" necklace donated by Oster Jewelers for the live auction.
CBS 4's Bill Stuart and Emily Potisk, a former Wednesday's Child from 1983. Bill met Emily 20 years ago when he interviewed her for the Wednesday's Child segment...and was around to give her a hug at The Adoption Exchange's 20th Anniversary Celebration. Jill DiPasquale gives Dr. Dixie van de Flier Davis a big hug. The DiPasquales met Dixie in 1989, when they attended their first Fantasy Ball and remember how mesmerized they were by her. “We heard her speak about the organization and we were hooked.” Honorary Chairman Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper poses with Co-chair Pam Kiker, left, and Chair Liz Smith Leslie Stahl, left, and Natalie Shallow
The Wildlife Experience was host to The Adoption Exchange's Safari Fantasy...a trip to the jungle without leaving Colorado Stepanie Doss with Craig Fleishman of Fleishman & Shapiro P.C., one of the event sponsors Dan and Julie Diamond. Dan is the VP at Regal CineMedia, one of the event sponsors. CBS 4 Marketing Account Executive Colleen Carlson and husband Mark, left, with friend Elizabeth Byrnes, VP of Marketing for
Sherman and Carneice Trimble Honorary board member Marv Rockford, left, and Jim Padgett. The Padgett Family Foundation was one of the Gold Sponsors for the gala. John Quaiel Designs created the centerpieces Bob and Nancy Koontz
Lindsay Stolberg, left, and Kate Sneed The Tokens may be known for their song, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" but during The Adoption Exchange's Safari, the "ice" lion watched over the jungle Marv and Rene Rockford The Tokens sang "Prayer of the Children" acapella before dinner was served and also closed the evening's festivities with it
Board member Ray Nutt CBS 4's Kathy Walsh introduces Shanti Simpson, left, Emily Potisk, Wayne Vaughan and J Jackson, former Wednesday's Children and Adoption Exchange Jr. board members to present the Wednesday's Child Award to... ...Dr. Dixie van de Flier Davis, founder and Executive Director of The Adoption Exchange, seen here greeting the presenters... ...and giving them each a huge hug and kiss
Honoree Dr. Dixie van de Flier Davis, wearing her trademark color. "It is a Cardinal rule that we don't accept gifts or accolades, etc.,” said Dixie, explaining the staff policy in The Adoption Exchange office. "Here I am breaking the rule and the staff has been so supportive!" Norm Early was the auctioneer, with a little help from CBS 4's Bill Stuart. The live auction brought in approximately $17,900! This 2003 autographed Western Division All-Star NHL hockey jersey, nearly impossible to find anywhere else and donated by NHL Enterprises, sold for $2,600 during the live auction The Tokens had the dance floor packed with "The Night We Fell in Love," "One Fine Day," and their hit "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
The Wednesday's Child Award is a bronze sculpture of a family holding hands, creating a continuous circle    
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