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October, 20 2003 - Mystery Guests Sample Secrets at Chef Dinner

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Project PAVE counselor Carol LaRocque, left, and Denver D.A. Bill Ritter and PAVE board chair, right, with Benjamin and Maria Perkins and their children Dallas Chestnutt, Jr. and Dellesha Chestnutt Dinner co-chairs Laren Naiman and board member Dr. Dean Prina Marc and Laren Naiman, left, Jeff and Jaylene Smith and Ed Crony. Jaylene co-chaired the dinner last year and was on the dinner committee this year. New board member Raydean Acevedo, left, and Wendy Cogdal. Raydean is with Research Managment Consultants, one of the corporate sponsors of the dinner.
Greg Karl, GM of Epicurean Entertainment at INVESCO Field at Mile High, served up hors d'oeuvres CBS 4's VP/General Manager Walt DeHaven takes a moment to catch up with Strings owner Noel Cunningham. Noel and his wife Tammy have been hosting the Secret Chef event for the past eleven years. Ron Stephens, left, with Pat and son John Tobey of EVENTeur Bob and Maureen Keller
Phyllis Lopez, left, Walt Jenkins and Maradith Wilkins Clear Channel's Chuck and Becky Morris, left, with board member Larry and Debra Melnick The lobby of Strings was packed during the cocktail hour Board member Kayleen and Harry Hollines, left, with Jon and Cindy Miller. Kayleen is with Vectra Bank Colorado, one of the corporate sponsors of the dinner.
New board member Elaine Gampel of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, left, and Barbara Baumann Chef and sponsor Peter Kudla, left, with Dan Spahr of Epicurean Catering. Peter served up Bateli knock-off with rosemary roasted potatoes and vegetables. New board member David Erlich of Kroenke Sports Enterprises with his wife Meredith Munro Epicurean's Jill DiPasquale one of the "chefs" and sponsor of the hors d'oeuvres, and Matt Keeney
A new look for Louise Richardson and Stephen Edmonds with Shelly DeHaven CBS 4's Tom Mustin and wife Carolyn Board member Michael Porto with Courtney and Evan Porto David Lang of More Flowers created wonderful bursts of color with his autumnal centerpieces
Maureen Dewar, left, Marc Levine and Winnie Koon. Maureen is with Guaranty Bank & Trust, one of the corporate sponsors of the dinner. Curt and Suzie Boyd, left, with Academy Roofing, one of the corporate sponsors, pose with board member Steve and Patti Werner of Creative Leadership Solutions Esperanza Zachman and George Ybarra enjoy a glass of wine during the cocktail hour
Friends Carolyn James and Bradley Joseph of Kroenke Sports Enterprise Shelly DeHaven gives a "mystery" guest a hug Douglas Kerbs and Patricia Barela-Rivera Gladys Stark enjoys a glass of wine with her great-niece Gayle Boman
"The staff at Project PAVE didn't go into a book to find answers for our family," Maria Perkins shared with the guests. "They taught us how to trust each other again without pointing fingers." "We are not public speakers," said Benjamin Perkins, second from left, "But this is an important subject and we have learned so much from Project PAVE." Project PAVE's Executive Director Jim Bernuth thanked the guests for their support. "Our success has everything to do with our board members and the generosity of Noel and Tammy Cunningham." After the guests took their seats, Epicurean Entertainment "chefs" explained what kind of hors d'oeuvres they had served during the cocktail hour
Plating the crawfish Etouffée in the Strings kitchen, for 230 guests. The "chef" was Jonathan Goldstein of Kroenke Sports Enterprise, also the sponsor of the dish. “Chefs” and sponsors Pamela and Jim Basey explain their Cosmopolitan sno cone, a sorbet that they perfected after 18 attempts CBS 4's Tom Mustin, left, PAVE's Justine Nathanson and former Bronco Steve Sewell get ready to pass the chef's hat Justine Nathanson, Director of Development for Project PAVE and "Chef" Jon Lorenz of Colorado Business Bank, the sponsor of the maple glazed salmon dish.
Dessert "Chef" and sponsor John Tobey explains why he had to bring Denver D.A. Bill Ritter along as he described his autumn pumpkin splendor. "I thought the dessert should be illegal, it is so good!"      
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