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November, 07 2003 - Hearts Beat a Little Faster at Heart of Hearts Gala

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Porter and Littleton Foundation Chairman Carl Fitch with wife Laura, Event Co-Chair Candace and Ed Hoagland Heather Makoski with James Turpen Shane and Jennifer Roberts
Marianne and Jeff Wise Darrell and Cherelyn Schulte Harold and Deanne Patton Kris Hakanson and Caroline Neu
Jennifer and John Riccio Crest Distribution and Supply President Dan Hopkins with wife Geri Hopkins Nancy and Dave Beczaalo with Janie Harrington Tom and Vickie Saunders
Event Coordinator Daisy Ornopia Andree Hudson with Rice Gallery Senior Director Jay Sarria and Carol Robinson Public Information Officer Littleton Hospital Tiffany Radel with Director of Events Porter Littleton Foundation Cinnamon Pettijohn Volunteers Irene Allmen, Betty Kennedy and Judy Prentice working the guest registration table
Naarah Turpen, Bill Johnson, Heather Makoski and James Turpen Mark Valerius and Cathi Boles Board member David Fergason with wife Peggy Fergason Heidi and board member David Crane with Heidi and Dan Harnault
Henry M. Porter Award recipients Leo and Linda Goto Sharon and Jerry Hyrkas Jennifer and Gary Clark Tammi Hoehn with Bob and Nancy Lee
Marianne and Jeff Wise Kevin and Aimee Miller Littleton Hospital CEO and foundation chairman Dave Crane and Heidi Crane with Marlena and event sponsor Unipath CEO Gary Holmes Husband and wife, Clare Weipert and Mark Perking
Tod Hannemann and Darlene Cate Werner Leibold and Steve Gomes with Heidi and Dan Harnault Mike Radel and Brendan Pettijohn Dr. Bruce Brookens with RNs Ann Brookens, Marlene Bowie and Dale Robuck
Nina and Dr. Kevin Molk Amy and Noah Rubright Fleishman & Shapiro's Craig Fleishman with Stephanie Doss Debbie and Dr. Kent Davis
Kathy and Kevin Fone Miriam Keller and Kari Kobayashi Tim and Debbie Flynn with Gary and Jennifer Clark Alissa and Patrick Chambers
Laura and Ben Medina Carl and Lisa Williams Marlynn and Ken Avery Doug and Rhonda Ward with Anne and Bruce Goetz
Teri Morrison and Jim Pazalos Jerry and Sharon Hyrkas with Maggie Pazalos Margo and Steve Catts with Patrick and Alissa Chambers Stephanie Peterson and Tim Flynn
Elisabeth and Dr. Andreas Edrich Danielle Urban and Dominic Green Steve and Lisa Weaver Mary Ann and Dave Littler with Marie and Brent Bailey
It's all in the family! Betty Ruth and Bill Hewit with daughter Christie Andrews Robert and Margie Brown Head of Volunteer Dept. Geri Hopkins with Porter Hospital Floral Designer Sunny Vincenhie and Ruthita Fike. The floral centerpieces were all designed by the Porter Hospital Floral Dept. Tom and Lu Yaley with LaReta Ewing
Event sponsors Kutak Rock's Cheryl and Gerard Reardon Sam Stoorman and Event Chairperson Patricia Wassick Tom and Vickie Saunders Arapahoe Douglas County Medical Society President, Dr. Brad Culberson with Marilynn Tooley and Colorado Medical Society Alliance President-Elect Linda Culberson
Debbie Bowman, Dave Tooley and Bill Schleuning Event volunteer Sandy Daniel Master of Ceremonies Channel 9's Mark Koebrich Master of Ceremony Channel 9's Mark Koebrich
Curt Johnson and Jennifer List AMR's Mike Hite with Porter Littleton and Parker Adventist Emergency Services Manager Anne Clouatre    
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