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February, 16 2004 - Children's Hospital All My Heart Dinner

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Event Co Chairs Peter and Deb Mueller, left, with son Hans and Kim Morton with patient and daughter Blair Mueller, front center Dr. Michael Schaffer, Dr. Dunbar Ivy, Tim Prunk, Jim Braun, Ellen Ivy, Bonnie Prunk and Cindie Braun Cardiac Nutritionist Marilyn Day with husband Bob Cook
Steve Winesett - President of Children's Hospital Foundation with wife Kim and children Hallie and Claire L-R Linda Powers, Ron Powers- V.P. Nursing Chrissy Teague with Elias Neujahr -administration director of the Heart Institute and Surgery R-L Dr. Francois Lacour-Gayet- Chair of Cardiothorasic Surgery with wife Violaine Lacour-Gayet Dr. Dunbar Ivy- Chief and Selby's Chair of Pediatric Cardiology with wife Ellen, Dr. Mel Almodovar -head of Cardiac ICU Children's Hospital Supporters and Sponsors Amy Feiman, Debbie O'Neil, Shane Feiman and Shawn O'Neil
Mindy Naumer (event planing committee), Julie Headley (front)-Children's Hospital Foundation, Ken and Carleen Himel Walter and Pauline Havens are supportive of Children's Hospital as their granddaughter is a transplant patient there Patrons Keith and Mimi Platte Sandy Shoemaker with husband Vince Shoemaker (CFO Bryan Construction)
Julia and Dave Murrow, left, with girls (patients of Childrens Hospital) Olivia and Natalie and grandparents Pauline and Walter Havens Evan Lichtenstein, left, Lyn Schaffer, Michelle Lichtenstein, Matt and Stephanie Seebaum Co-Chair Nora Radz with husband Dr. Gary Radz, left, with Dr. Roberta Shaklee and Ed Hurry L-R Mary McAllister, Jeff Quinlan (cardiac advisory Board) with wife Norma Lee Quinlan
Dr. Michael Schaffer, a Pediatric Electrophysiologist, left, Wayne Smeal, parent of Paris, a patient of Dr. Schaffer's and Jeff Potter, President of Frontier Airlines The welcome team: Erin Osborn, Lisa Hoffmeier and Mike Sophir Dr. Michael Schaffer and Lyn Schaffer, left, Dr. Paul Cambel (nationally known pediatric heart transplant surgeon), Violaine, and Dr. Francois Lacour-Gayet Pete Papillion, left, Jeff Potter,Wayne Smeal and David Sislowski
L. B. Papilion, Kim Potter, Sarah Smeal Marie Fieman, left, Debbie O'Neal, Pam McLaughlin, Susan Lowry and Marcia Ames are all supporters of Children's Hospital Corporate Express regional VP Frank and Erin Martorella,left, with Besty and David Jones of Wells Fargo Mark Farina- (P.A.), Joleen Hicks (RN), Tim Sherwood (cardiac surgery), Erin Sherwood Esq.
Dr. Bruce Lowry, Ed Feiman, Jack McLaughlin Chad and Melanie Prince, a Cardiac surgery Nurse, left, with Seree Armstrong, an ICU Nurse, and husband Mitch Armstrong Attendees for the grand event: Mike Dudick, Chloe Dudick, Anna Hollmeyer, Amy and Rob Millisor, Martha Dussaut, Mike Hayes, Hannah Hayes, Matt Stais, and Kiersten Stais A sweet teddy in a tutu sits on the silent auction table
Motor Scooter donated for silent auction...Zoom, zoom, zoom! Mars Rover posters were donated by Ball Aerospace for the silent auction Katie Kreider, left, Emily Frevert, Blair Mueller, and Olivia Murrow helped hand out roses to each guest Hallie Winsett with sister Claire and friend Natalie Murrow hand out roses and ham it up
Johan Harding (Colorado Steel Engineering) and Margee Kolte wanted to test drive the scooter up for auction Pretty in purple is the beautiful Nancy Leon, development associate of special events Peter Mueller welcomes everyone to dinner Peter Mueller, with Childrens Hospital cardiac patients, Olvia, Blair, and Natalie.
Dr. Ivy Dunbar speaks about the heart from the heart. Steve Winsett thanks all in the healthcare field, for their excellence and support of Children's Hospital The Royal Tones Ron Zappolo welcomes the guests
Dr Francois Lacour-Gayet welcomes attendees Nurse Mary Rober with Husband Gary Having a grand time in the grand ballroon! Mother-to-be Co-Chair Nora Radz, center, gets advice for her "twin boys-to-be"
Pauline and Walter Havens Event co-chair Dianne Honig with husband Tom of Wells Fargo Bank Event Co-Chair Angela Barron with husband Frank Barron Julie Headley with hubby Ryan
Steven Winsett with his little angel Hallie The Winsett family enjoying a night out together Kim Winsett with her little angel Claire Children's Hospital cardiac patients ham it up for the camera; eleven-year-old Olivia, eight-year-old Natalie and Blair, twelve-year-old!
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