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March, 03 2004 - Soup Warms the Heart and Soothes the Soul

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Porter Hospice board member and longtime volunteer Chris Agnew with Tom Wells A family portrait: Barry and Lynette Booker, left, with mom Mary C. Alexander and Sharon Alexander Holt, Porter Hospice board member and newly appointed COO of Urban League Paul's Catering Ruth Carney with her mother Gislea Carney Elenora Crichlow, center, with Centura Senior Life Center, poses with Sara Dent, left, and Wendy Bodwell, who are both with The Villas at Sunny Acres
Guitar-stummer Wade Krauss poses in between Barb and Peter Nielsen, with Centura's Yury Ablin Erin Denholm, Senior VP of Centura Health at Home, left, with Jane Merrick and O.C. O'Connell Porter Hospice Advocate Kelly Owens, left, Executive Director for Porter Hospice Foundation Kathie Repola, and Paige Burkeholder Deena Mangan, left, with Heidi and Eric Starling helped to check in the guests
Event Coordinator Daisy Ornopia, seated, with Steve Younger and Cinnamon Pettijohn, Director of Events Blake Smith, left, Anthony Crossland and Greg Verschelden Karen Rawlings, left, and Rachel Dengler are with the firm Bennington, Johnson, Biermann and Craigmile - one of the sponsors of the event Shannon Maestas and Scott Johnson
Bonnie Shek, left, and Paulette Johnson A few of the many pieces in the silent auction Margy McKenna, left, Scott Curtis and Jeannie Bennington, a Porter Hospice board member Volunteers Kelly Bartholomew, left, and Hollie Houghtaling
Barb Astuno, left, with Janis and David Borie For a ten dollar chance, guests could win a trip to Ireland Jean Galloway with Wellshire Inn's Leo and Linda Goto John and Anita Stockton
Hospice of Peace Clinical Supervisor Gayle Woodrow, R.N., left, and Beth Georges, Vice President of Hospice of Peace Foundation Rita Carver, left, Penny Turpin, Cheryl Piderit and Randy Slaybaugh pose with their "Soup for the Soul" soup mugs Amanda Murphy, left, with Katie and Joe Stowe Steve Shapiro and Suzanne Duret
Tom Mirabito and Susan Pacsi are with Bruno's Italian Bistro, a supporter of "Soup for the Soul" since the beginning Ruth Carney, left, Artist and Volunteer Stevi Deer, and Patty Pisani, Volunteer in charge of getting all the restaurants orgainized Fred and Mary Novotny, left, with Roy and Sue Jackson Volunteer Betsy Martin, left, and Director of Porter Hospice and Hospice of Peace Corinne Ablin
Chef Jeremy Wilson, left, and David Scott of Dazzle Chef Goose Sorensen, left, and Cory Treadway with Solera Sara Mercado, Chef Mika Wenger and Matthew Lombardo with Gumbo's Louisiana Style Cafe Mission Trujillo's John Trujillo, left, and Robert Hannah
Mel's Bar and Grill was represented by Michael Burbage, left, and Robert McCarthy Pesce Fresco's Chef Dale Filson, Jr., left, and Merrilee and Joel Diner Elissa Mackin, left, and Terri Hannifin with Fourth Story Restaurant Chef Jenna Johansen and Camp Boswell served up soup from Ventura Grill
Philip Tran, left, Stephanie Geizer, Chef Chris Roulin and Kisha Price are with P.F. Chang's China Bistro Wayne Moore, left, and Chef Cade Nagy with Paul's Catering Elizabeth Herring and Greg Goldfogel are with Amore Ristorante, a new eatery (opened in November of 2003) in Cherry Creek North Il Fornaio's Hector Salcedo, left, Craig D' Alessandro, Hector Galice, Managing Partner and Youssef Marrakchi
Chris Youmans, left, Marlo Hix, Kelly Pacatte and Corbin "Corky" Douglass III with Tante Louise    
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