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July, 19 2004 - Courage Classic Achieves Miracles

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Jane Freeman (left) celebrates her 15th year of riding the Courage Classic with volunteers Sandi Yokooji, Carol Page and Wendy Larsen. Jane is a pediatric neurosurgeon at Children's. Todd Gleeson and Lisa VanGoor at the finish line in Copper Mountain. Members of "Team Chicken Salad" Andrew Nixon, Kristie Jackson, Gretchen Erikson and Pat Maher Long-time Courage Classic participants, Susan Apkon and Lisa Abrams.
These two gentlemen are involved in a Naked Juice chugging contest. Six shots in less than 20 seconds! No alcohol: just pure, fresh, healthy ingredients. Courage Classic participants spent the night in Copper Mountain after riding from Leadville to Turquoise Lake and over Fremont Pass. The ever-popular Nacho Men provided entertainment on Sunday evening, sponsored by the Copper Mountain Resort Chamber. 1700 medals for the riders who completed all three days
A banner that was a sight for sore eyes (and legs!) in Leadville. Todd Roebken and Dave Mosby with "Research Riders" were the first riders to cross the finish line in Leadville on Monday morning. Lissa Moon and Mike Sophir are setting out thank you notes, written by patients to the top 100 fundraisers. Leslie McKay, Director of Special Events, Steve Winesett, President &CEO of Children's Hospital Foundation, and Paula Pollack, Special Events Manager
Jessica, Sam, Issac and Holly, Children's Hospital patients, are handing out medals to the riders at the finish line. Isaac and Holly's dad is looking on. 850 KOA Newsradio was a major sponsor of the Courage Classic Sharon Loura and Nan Edwards of Team Outspoken are cheered on by their biggest fans, Kacie (left) and Chloe. The first female rider to cross the finish line, Merlin Perkins with Sam and Jessica, patients at Children's Hospital.
A rider receives his medal from a Children's Hospital patient. Cliff Jones, John Sabourn and Brad Thompson, three of the 120 members of "Research Riders" Three members of "Team Chicken Salad" approaching the finish line in Leadville on Monday Some riders approached the finish line with such speed that it was impossible to get their names!
Chris Schultz, 14 years old, kept up with veteran riders Brian Sells and Frantz Joseph, all members of the team "Spin Doctors" This team didn't have a name, but they did have fun! Father-daughter team Vidette Gehl and Rick Seymour. Rick is on the board of another child-centered organization, Families First. Jodi and Rick Warter at the finish in Leadville.
Barb and Steve Hyland celebrate at the finish line in Leadville. "Spin Doctors" Ron Bowen and Paul Culnan congratulate each other at the finish line in Leadville. Children's Hospital President and CEO Dori Biester celebrates at the finish with Chairman of the Board Don Elliman and his "lovely wife" Mary, and Laura Barden. John and Jan Shively relax in Copper Mountain after Day 2 with Ruth Balster and Ed Goodman, all members of the team Rhonda Roos.
Mom Colleen Schneckenburg hands out medals with her daughters, Nicole and Crystal. Colleen's husband was the 27th highest fundraiser in 2003 and has been riding in the Courage Classic since 1993. Adding a sense of humor to the event are the Glenns: Emma, Cathy, Tom and Sean. Children's Hospital Foundation chearleaders: Leslie Mckay, Director of Special Events; Comcast's Tonya Everest and the Foundation's Anne Hanson Ashley Hovey led Team Courage to the finish line after they rode all 162 miles of the Courage Classic.
Team Courage members on a tandem -- the best way to go, inspiring each other along the way Team Courage members had to slow at the finish because of all the fanfare! The official cheering section at Copper Mountain: Ilene Bloom, Mandy Hoffman, Michael and Ann Citrin and Rob Triver. All are with Children's Hospital Foundation's Young Fund. There were so many Team Courage members that they had to slow nearly to a stop to grab their medals.
Still strong after finishing 162 greuling miles, these Team Courage members are proud, and can't wait to do it again. Team Courage, made up of current and former patients at Children's Hospital, provided inspiration for all. Team Courage, made up of current and former patients at Children's Hospital, provided inspiration for all. This is the tenth year that Copper Mountain Resort has hosted the Courage Classic
Speeding to the finish line, these tandem riders are obvioulsy still enjoying themselves. The raffle for this gorgeous Mercedes will be held August 7. Tickets were only $25.00! Joe McSoud with his son, Joseph on a modified "tandem" bicycle. "Imagine the Miracles" is a $250 million, comprehensive fund-raising campaign taking Children's Hospital to its new facility at the Fitzsimons Campus.
Naked Juice sponsored several wacky contests, including this one: drink a shot while standing on your head ... they didn't specify whether it was fair to take it in throgh the nose ... Born in 1919, Irving is the oldest rider. To paraphrase a popular saying, he stated, "The sweet breath of the courage of all the young riders keeps me going." Sprinting to the picture-perfect finish. The finish line was a welcome sight.
Wearing a US Postal Service jersey, friends joked with Luciano Salvino about getting back to France Pat Downey donated his talents all three days at the KOA Radio booth. He spun great music and emceed many contests, giving away Old Chicago t-shirts 1700 riders, 1700 bicycles. Crystal, whose parents have participated in the Courage Classic since 1993, hands a medal to a rider.
Finishing the Courage Classic is a good reward, but the benefits it brings to the kids at Children's is immeasurable Team Courage members, made up of past and present Children's patients, provided inspiration to all. Notice where he is wearing his medal ... how can he see where he's going? Team Courage, made up of current and former patients of Children's, were very "patient" while several fans took photos.
Team Courage, made up of current and former patients of Children's, were very "patient" while several fans took photos.      
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