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Alliance Foundation
Alliance Foundation


Statement of Purpose: To support the economic self-sufficiency of women everywhere


Phone Number: 303/618-0427
Email Address:
Web Site:



Major Fund-raisers: Red Night Light, City Lights Boardwalk Nights, Culinary Pro-Am, Village Bank Fundraisers


Executive Committee: Shari Lutz, Johanna Kelly, Peggy Anderson, Kathleen Bowen, Arlene Abady, Cynthia Hanson, Monica Thompson, Patricia Foley-Hinnen, Anne Vitek, Kathleen Bowen, Emily Rae, Elizabeth Moore, Kathie Moeller
Key Personnel: Karen Rosen, Executive Director


Founded: 1994
Community Served: women seeking to attain economic self-sufficiency.




Accomplishments: Opened 12 Village Banks on 3 continents in the past five years; funded scholarships for women to attend the Women's College at the University of Denver; Metropolitan State College and the University of Colorado at Denver


Previous Event Coverage:

April 23, 2010 Alliance Foundation stamps your Passport to South America
May 08, 2009 Alliance Passport to the US, Red White & Blue Jeans
April 25, 2008 APW Foundation Presents Passport to Italy