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Statement of Purpose: The Alliance of Professional Women connects women personally, professionally, and through our Alliance Foundation, philanthropically. We offer a variety of events, programs, information, and volunteer opportunities that address today's whole woman. We give our members a chance to participate in what is important to them. Incorporated into all events is the chance to build personal and professional networks, grow your business, find general leads and referrals, and explore business opportunities. The Alliance also connects members to help women in our community and around the world. Through our Foundation, we coordinate volunteer opportunities with local organizations that benefit women and girls and through our Scholarship Program, and around the world with our Village Bank Program.


Address: P.O. Box 480384, Denver, CO 80248
Phone Number: 303-368-4747
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 1


Major Fund-raisers: Annual Helping Women + Changing Lives Fundraising Luncheon


Key Personnel: Kerry Hammond, Executive Director


Founded: 1985
Community Served: Professional Women
Associated Guilds: Alliance Foundation, International Alliance of Women (TIAW)



Newsletter: May June Communique



Previous Event Coverage:

September 11, 2008 Alliance of Professional Women Does some Power Networking
May 17, 2007 Women's Alliances Host Fun & Games on the Boardwalk
April 28, 2006 Jackpot or Not, Everyone's a Winner in Monte Carlo
May 06, 2005 APW Swings into Mardi Gras
May 11, 2004 The Alliance Foundation's Wild Wild West Round-Up and Casino Night